The eXtremis X-files Fanfiction
[ The Journey ]
She woke with a start. The phone was ringing.
"Scully, it's me."
"Mulder...?" She said, not the least surprised. Scully half wriggled out of the bed sheets that clung to her, freeing one hand to rub her eyes. "Do you know what time it is?" Of course he did, she thought.
"It's 2:47am. Listen Scully, I need you to drive me somewhere." Mulder replied without missing a beat.
"Can't it wait for the morning?" Scully moaned cursing the day he had his Drivers Licence suspended.
"This is important Scully, trust me, I'll brief you in the car."
"Hmm." She sighed, letting Mulder know her point of view.
"I appreciate this, really I do. I'm on my way." The phone line went dead.
It took several minutes of listening to engaged beeping from the phone to digest the information Mulder had just fed her. No use rolling over and returning to the wonderful world of sleep, Scully thought to herself, removing the red hair swept over her face. Like it or not, she was now awake.

"You are going to what?!" Scully exclaimed too loud instead of just a nod and smile. "Mulder, how can you consider leaving your job, your profile, your friends and family, your life, for someone who is offering to give you the truth in return for this sacrifice?!"
"Scully, pretend you're me. Wouldn't you want the truth to a mystery that had isolated you for life because no one would hear your reasoning, always turning a blind eye?" He pleaded, trying to win her approval. "And every vain attempt you made came that much closer to realise you are so far away, at a dead end?" He continued.
Scully didn't respond. How could she convince Mulder not to embrace this temptation to know the truth behind what had left him in shadow, cut off from humane society? His whole life's purpose was about to end. Mulder would be free. How can anyone deny a person that?
Amongst his stubbornness and determination along the journey for the past seven years in search for the truth, Scully continued deep in thought; did he consider now, the conclusion to cease being Fox Mulder, as she knew him would affect people? Could he be that single-minded? Does he understand that he just explained that she would never see him again? Does he even care?
Scully looked ahead at the road disappearing behind the car and it suddenly seemed much darker than before. She wanted to stop the car before reaching their destination and knock some sense into him, literarily. Never once had the thought crossed her mind that her shared experiences with Mulder would end so abruptly in one instant, at one point in time.
Mulder was staring at Scully, waiting for her response, and still she had none. She turned away so he could not see the tears welling up in her eyes. I have to remain in control of my emotions. She continued. Why should I care if he did not?

Scully was upset. She hid her emotions extremely well, a skill of hers Mulder had gotten used to over time, he concluded, thinking to himself. Then again maybe not, maybe she was contemplating. Mulder wanted her to be upset. But it was his selfish decision to choose the truth over her. If only she knew what he knew, then it would be different.
Scully turned to face ahead, concentrating on driving, but all the while Mulder couldn't help watch for any flicker of emotion. There was none.


Standing at the steps to a doorway, when closed, Mulder's life up until now would end, as he knew it. I will always be the same Fox Mulder, He thought, but I know things will change.
Looking through towering grey marble pillars that were lightly shadowed, from a classic Roman style building that seemed out of place amongst the abandoned warehouses, there was a man, dressed in dark attire - long overcoat, dark suit, and low profile - waiting for him to walk through. Mulder turned to Scully one last time, who avoided his gaze. There was nothing he could say to change the way she felt, nor she to him. So they stood in silence. Her objection of his leaving was more obvious than before but Mulder wouldn't bring himself to admit what she was honestly thinking of him now. He turned to walk away.
"Mulder." Scully called out. He spun slowly to face her again, the night sky hiding facial expressions.
"Mulder," she went on, "I know that I am only your partner and can't make your decisions for you, as much as I would like to, after all, the truth behind your sister's disappearance is your life's work. But why are you leaving? I need you. How can you be so sure you are making the right decision?"
Mulder hesitated. Scully was no more than an arm length away. He wanted to reach out, touch her and say everything would be ok. How could she say she was 'only his partner'? Scully was more; she was his life. Mulder knew she wouldn't understand why he was about to leave, at least not at this point. Her words were a burden; he couldn't reply because his throat was tight. Mulder wrapped his arms around her, firmly embracing her not wanting to let go.
"No matter what happens tomorrow, or any other day ahead Scully," he whispered, "I will find you, I promise."

Mulder let go, walking away slowly, never once glancing behind. Talk about bad goodbyes, Scully thought noticing how tense she was, that was the hardest I'll experience. Soft light outlined his figure for a brief second, then the door closed and Scully was alone in darkness. It was the last time she would see him. She hung her head to cry. Then the rain fell.


One Week later...
The walls were the same. The desk was the same. The people were the same. Down in the basement of the J Edgar Hoover building, the office was the same. Every damn thing was the same. Yet to Scully, it was upside down, turned around, reversed, entirely different.
Every ten minutes, footsteps walked past, and she thought it would be him. Mulder, the person who had changed her life seven years ago, only to have left as suddenly as he had entered. She was a wreck. Nothing Scully did could be done right. She couldn't concentrate. Words pervading document papers were just a blur. Mulder was a part of me. She thought. I guess this new emptiness hadn't hit until now. And it continues hitting me every ten minutes after. All she ever saw was Mulder this and Mulder that, memories, memories and more memories. The best part is: it gets worst. Then fades like colour on a pair of jeans. I would know.
Suddenly, one pair of many footsteps stopped outside my door. Could it be Mulder? How daft had I been to fixate on this issue. Mulder had left before, always to return. Why did this worry me? I am more angry than worried. The door began to open.
Scully tried to look relaxed, but her heart was pounding. Mulder..?
"Agt. Scully, Assistant Director Skinner would like to see you in his office." his sectary said. Scully sighed when she left. Dana, she told herself taking a deep breath, get a grip.

"I've already told you all I know. Agt. Mulder asked me to drop him outside an abandoned warehouse out in the backstreets of God knows where, which was the last time I saw him, end of story." Scully said as calmly as she could manage. She was telling the truth, despite that Assistant Director Skinner continued pressing for more details. If she'd have known such interrogations were install...
"And you don't know the location of this warehouse?" Skinner asked loosing his patient.
"No." Scully replied once more. Looking back, she should have taken note rather than basing her judgement on trust. At the time I'd been thrown on an emotional roller coaster without handrails and nothing more than open darkness ahead.
"Agt. Scully, I apologise for being short handed with you. I'm worried about Agt. Mulder. He's been missing for a week, and no one knows where he his, not even you. I have no evidence whatsoever pointing in any direction. As you would know," he continued, "this is not the first time this has happened. And like other times, Mulder leaves no trace." Skinner sighed, his frustration showing through scribbling. He was right by saying Mulder had caused more than enough trouble relating to the subject 'missing'.
Scully was tempted to point out Mulder had intended not to be found, but decided to leave an unopened story closed. Being ditched with copouts-meant-for-Mulder became a regular event for her. It demanded her creative side if in need of a cover.
"You are dismissed Agt. Scully. I will start a thorough investigation into the whereabouts of Agt. Mulder on my own agenda, however in the meantime if you find anything, please let me know." Skinner said, leaning back into the armchair, scrunching a piece of paper. She nodded in return.
Closing the door behind, a thought occurred to Scully. She was going to face the facts one way or another, sugar coated or not. Mulder wasn't coming back. And she wasn't prepared to run the X-file show on her own, which left her few options. Teaching Forensic Medicine at Quantico was the top of her list.

Six Months Later...
"Dr. Scully, sorry to interrupt, but you have a call from the Bureau Headquarters in Washington, press 4 to receive." Intern Powel said discretely, poking his head through the door. Scully smiled at the sound 'Doctor'. It hadn't taken long to adapt to, but it was different from 'Agent'.
"Would you mind taking over the Seminar on Y incisions? I'm in the middle of demonstrating and it can't wait another minute." Scully begged in her most polite manner, dropping the instruments to hand him the autopsy field report. From the look on Powel's face, she could see he wasn't keen.
"I'll see what I can do." Powel replied with as much eagerness he could muster.
"I owe you one." Scully called, pulling out her mobile. No doubt this is another rookie Field Agent, whose only vocabulary was 'Do I look like a Doctor to you?' when it came to Autopsies, she assumed.
"Agt. Scully, this is Section Chief Johnson. I have a body here on behalf of Agt. William from the Violent Crimes Unit which requires you're expertise." Scully would have recognised his voice from many similar occasions requesting precisely the same task even if he hadn't said his name.
"What time do you need me, Sir?"
"The body will arrive in D.C at 7pm tomorrow. You can sign in at the desk per usual and the janitor will give you the details."
"Fine with me."
A sudden burst of laughter from the Seminar Room drew her attention. 'Poor Powel' were two words that sprang to mind.

Washington D.C
With two hours to spare, Scully couldn't resist a visit to the office at the basement of the Bureau Headquarters, tucked away for obvious reasons; one labelled 'X-files'.
Five months ago when she handed A.D. Skinner her request for a transfer, Scully asked what would become of the office. Turns out there were no Agents interested in either the X-files or the kind of office space it offered, so it had been locked up and forgotten; the X-files closed.
She reached the smooth black door, running her fingers along the unoccupied tag space where the name 'Fox Mulder' could have been, but wasn't because Mulder never wanted to attract the kind of attention he'd just as soon avoid.
Unlocking the door with the key Scully had conveniently forgotten to hand in months before it fell slightly ajar. Her heartbeat raced a little, as she hesitantly swung it wide open to bump against whatever there was to stop it. A brief smile flittered across her face at the sight before her. She was home.
Not one book had moved, not one poster fallen, not one file removed from the cabinet. The Unofficial X-files office had not changed. A wave of mixed feelings washed over Scully as she scanned the room, repulsed by the thin layer of dust that had settled. Like this sentimental room, she had been placed on hold. In the past six Months, not a whisper had been heard about Mulder. He may as well have been dead; it made no difference. Scully was mortified when he told her about the phone call. He deserves to go to hell for what I've been through. She thought. In the first month, if she didn't cry herself to sleep, Scully just wouldn't sleep. Sometimes she thought it had all been a dream, and then of course, reality kicks in.
I trusted Mulder, I thought he'd never desert me, that he'd be there, that he cared. I'm not saying I assumed Mulder cared in the romantic way, in fact I don't think about it at all if I can avoid it. I have enough emotional feelings involving him as it is.
Mulder had only been selfish when she first knew him because she meant nothing. Scully was just an Agent sent to keep him in line. He'd call it 'spying'. She'd try to block out thinking how he could choose the truth over her. Scully thought she knew Mulder better. I was wrong. She was confused.
In the past six months, Scully hadn't really thought about it as deeply as now. But here she was, at the crossroads of her life, the place where chaos and excitement rules. Right here, smack bang in the middle of the X-files and this office where it all began; with Mulder.
Scully sank into the office-chair smoothing the desk surface with her hands, absorbing the familiar texture beneath her fingers. She sighed, closing her eyes to embrace her thoughts. She was so tired of dealing with this, trying to hold it back so it didn't take over her mind. I know I will eventually let it go I just wish it wasn't hard.

6 hours later...
The autopsy had taken longer than Scully had expected. There was a mix up in venues, sending her out of town. Agt. William was more than just a rookie agent; he was a flash photography nightmare. Right now, the cheap hotel bed sounded promising. To make matters worse, the door was too stiff to open.
After a lot of battling and swearing, Scully finally stepped inside, leaning against the closed door in relief, shutting out the hectic lifestyle she once knew. Through the window, it had been dark for at least an hour or more; the half moon bathed the parking lot with a mellow light.
Feeling for the light switch along the wooden panelling, Scully turned it on. Nothing happened.
"For God sakes," she said aloud, flicking it on and off several times, "why can't anything just work around here."
The room had a pleasant musky smell. It was furnished with non-expensive furniture, which surprisingly seemed relatively new. There was an ensuite to the far left, and a single room containing everything she could ask for: a bed.
Scully was on the verge of fatigue, ready to collapse onto the bed when movement from a shadow in a corner of the room snapped her attention. I must be kidding myself, she thought, slowly reaching for her weapon. Her eyes, gradually adjusting, formed the figure of a dark coated man sitting on a chair... Scully yelped in alarm, suddenly on her feet, listening to the pounding of her heart.
"Cigarette Smoking Man. What do you want from me? Haven't caused enough trouble to wet the appetite?" She hissed in a steady stance, weapon poised to take a shot, however reluctant she felt.
There was silence.
"What do you want?" She repeated, feeling slightly threatened by this ghostly stranger, realising how vulnerable she appeared. A year ago, Mulder would only have been a room away...
"Jeez Scully, have I really aged that much to resemble Cancer Man since I last saw you?" Came a reply.
"Mulder." Scully uttered, slowly lowering her gun. Many thoughts and feelings suddenly ran through her mind, that it became too much. She felt faint, taking a step backwards to remain balanced. The next thing she knew, Mulder was by her side, holding her steady.
"I'm ok." Scully insisted, pushing him away. "I'm fine. Really." She took a step backwards, trying to regain focus, placing a hand to her head. "Where's my gun?" She asked, bewildered.
"You dropped it."
Scully nodded slowly, walking to the window. Resting her forehead against the cool glass, she closed her eyes.

Mulder stood away, letting Scully regain herself. He knew it was a mistake to return; it was cruel to continue stirring Scully's emotions, but he couldn't just push the urge to see her aside. He'd been expecting her reaction to be much worse, but hadn't expected to be pushed away.
The pallid light from the outside street lamps reflected tears falling from Scully's face. Mulder had seen her cry before, but never over pain he had caused. It was terribly silent. Mulder had to restrain himself from becoming emotional and walking over to comfort her, for she would only push him away again and twice would be too much. So he waited.

Scully hadn't wanted to cry, nor wanted Mulder to see her like this. Listening to the frustrating silence, she had nothing to say to him, so said nothing. Turning slightly from his view into the shadow, she wiped away the tears and breathed deeply, but not so it was audible.
Finally she brought herself to look directly at him, something she hadn't been able to do when he'd left.
"I can't believe you're here."
"I'm sor..."
"Don't even say it Mulder." Scully said quietly, slightly shaking her head to look away. Taking a step forward, she let herself submerge to Mulder's embrace. Swallowed by his arms, she let out a breath she'd been holding.
Hours seem to pass by before either stirred.
"I never wanted to be the one who would cause you pain or make you cry." Mulder murmured.
"No pain, no gain." Scully laughed sadly to herself.
"I have to go. I'm not supposed to see you. But I had to."
Scully smiled, burying her face in his chest to hide her welling tears. "I understand." She muttered.
"If only you did." Mulder said to himself.
"If you need me, place the masking tape X on your window, and I'll be there, I promise." He said sincerely gazing into Scully's eyes. Placing a kiss on her lips, he let go to leave her life once more, alone.
Scully stared at her hands that had held Mulder's momentarily before he gone out the door. Looking up to the ceiling, closing her eyes, she swam through the drowning thoughts of the brief encounter and the way it ended. Lying down on the bed, she surrendered to the brink of sleep at last.

Two Weeks Later...
Days passed, and not one escaped without a thought about Mulder. Whether it was based around hate or love made no difference. Scully couldn't hold off placing a masking tape X on her window any longer. She had to know the truth. She had to tell Mulder the truth, about everything.
The small lamp shone into the street, reflecting the dark shadow of an X. Scully, now satisfied, decided there was nothing to do but wait. Reading over Autopsy documents were just a distraction either that, or her thoughts were a distraction from reading. She couldn't decide. Scully wasn't sure what to say when he walked through the door, the nervousness becoming overwhelming. Why she felt this way, she didn't understand. This was Mulder for crying out loud. When had she ever felt nervous about Mulder before? Come to think of it, never really.
A light wave of nausea came over her at the sound of footsteps walking down the corridor to her apartment. Her eyes widened at the slight shadow. What was she going to say? How should she appear? Happy? Sad? Angry or calm? Scully started to panic. The footsteps were getting close; in fact they walked right past. It wasn't Mulder.
Sinking into the couch, she let out a relieved sigh. This was crazy. She just needed to be honest in whatever happened, whatever she said or however she felt. The question remained: what did she feel? Well, considering that one day Mulder calls her in the early hours of morning, saying he'd rather know the truth to his sister's "abduction" than be partners and leaves "Happy as Larry" - so they say - never to see Scully again was one thing. Then deciding to show up half a year later, which by then Scully had accepted his absence and let go of the past, just to "kiss and make up" literarily and leave again, rehashing the past for another long haul of "letting go" install, was another. Mulder seemed like one hell of an arsehole. In answer to her first question how she felt? Well Betrayed, mislead, confused, frustrated, angry and upset were a good start, and if Scully really wanted to she could go on all night. However, she decided that working herself up was not the best thing to do. Eventually time passed; minutes turned to hours and soon sleep became inevitable.
And then suddenly he was there.

"Rise and shine sleepyhead." Mulder called as though nothing had ever changed.
"Whenever I need you, you'd find me? Try six months ago Mulder." Scully retorted, sitting up slowly.
"I'm sorry, did I say something wrong?" He asked, taken back from this change of pace.
"Say something wrong? How about 'Scully I'll never see you again' for starters." She stood up to face him. "I hate you Mulder. I trusted you. I thought I could depend on you and that you would be there..."
"Scully, I'm not going to fight." Mulder sharply cut in, his voice breaking.
"Who said we were fighting? I'm just telling you the truth. Well, that's what you want isn't it? The Truth?" Scully continued, tears streaming from her face. "At least that's what you chose when you left me alone." She said more gently.
"Scully, stop it. It wasn't like that." Mulder swore, tears clouding his eyes. He had never seen Scully so hotheaded and defensive, but she had a right to attack him as she was. It didn't lessen the pain though.
"Oh it wasn't was it?"
"Do you think if I had a choice I would choose that? Do you think I even had a choice?"
"What are you saying?" She asked, folding her arms. Mulder sighed, pulling up a chair, as Scully followed him with her eyes.
"You might want to pull up a chair, it's a long big boring story."
Late into the night, Mulder explained weeks before leaving, he'd encountered a man - one dark shadow after another - who warned him, soon he would have to make an important choice. When Mulder turned to ask more, he was gone.
He received a phone call telling him Agt. Scully's days were numbered unless he ceased searching for the truth as Fox Mulder and work for "them" - and know the truth. If Scully were to know a word that had been spoken, neither would live to see the light of another day.
Mulder knew this would happen one day if he persistently continued his "useless crusades for the truth" as he had, because the Conspiracy Shadows, whom he liked to refer to as the Syndicate, were aging. Some day they would need New Aged Tree-Huggin-Lovin Men to fill their shoes, Mulder being a top list name. It was explained that he would work for them problems free with unrestricted access and protection, as these men were above the law.
"They make the law." Scully exclaimed before Mulder continued.
Agreeing only if Scully's safety was guaranteed, knowing he had no choice, it was granted under the conditions that he was never to see her again against at all costs.
"Wheels within wheels." Scully uttered, leaning back in astonishment.
"I wish I had never involved you in this mess. You've been through so much, whereas I remain untouched..."
"Mulder, they have you wrapped around their fingers. They don't need to touch you any more. You aren't a threat." Scully paused. "Until I resigned from the X-files, I was. I'd be seven feet under ground."
"...And now I know why."
Scully looked at Mulder. "I don't want to know."
"The more you know, the more you realise how far away you really are." He said, shaking his head. "I wouldn't even consider placing such a burden on you."
"I'm sorry Mulder." She gently squeezed Mulder's hand.
"Don't be sorry. It's not your fault."
"It's not yours either."
Mulder looked at the sincerity in her expression and sighed, placing his head on the table.
"There have been moments I don't regret in what I've done." He mumbled half to the table, half to Scully. "I saw them Scully, she was there."
"Saw who? Aliens?"
"No. Samantha, Emily...many others. And not just clones. They were real." Mulder said, the excitement rising as he looked at Scully again.
Moving closer, she said, "You saw them?"
He nodded.
"Oh my god Mulder." Scully whispered. "What you've seen is something I can only dream about."
"Dreams become reality."
"This one doesn't."
"It can be real."
"I'm not so sure."
Mulder chewed on the thought. "It would be incredibly dangerous."
"I am aware of that."
"If I could pull something like this off, would you be prepared to accept the risks?"
"Of...?" Scully gestured for more information.
"Keeping Emily forever." He finished. Scully stared at Mulder for a long time, choosing her words carefully.
"As a daughter you mean?"
Mulder nodded. "You must understand that I can now get away with a lot more things than I used to. There's no need for me to break into High Guarded Facilities when I can walk through the front door. But what ever the consequences, Scully, you now must have the responsibility because authorities no longer come knocking at my door."
"I understand," She said, suddenly becoming tense from the adrenalin hit, "but surely you will be apprehended for taking part in this? Stealing is still an official crime, in case you have forgotten."
"I probably will. If you knew how many children like Emily there were, missing one means nothing. Remember the reason I was chosen. These men are aging. Someone has to take the high position of power and replace them one day."
"Someone they can trust, who is willing to loose nothing."
"Live the moment Scully. Right now I have ultimate power and am in position to do anything. I offer my services to you." He smiled off handedly.
"Mulder, I don't know...," She said unsure of this new confidence. "...they will know it's you. I'd have to register Emily as my child, they could track that down."
"I didn't say there weren't consequences. But your safety is guaranteed."
"Sometimes I would rather be dead."
There was silence for a few minutes.
"The Lone Gun Men..." Mulder began.
"They know? Why didn't they tell me?"
"I told them not to."
"Thanks a lot." Scully said, punching him in the arm.
"...they have made devices which will "hide" me from surveillance." Mulder continued, rubbing the place where she had touched.
"Tracking through your access cards hmm...?"
"Covered." He said, mentally checking each item off.
"With what?"
And they went on discussing each obstacle and how to get around it for about an hour, until Mulder was ready to go.
"This should take about four hours, the facility is a bit out of town."
"Just Go!" Scully whispered, pushing him out of the door, both excited and incredibly nervous. Mulder thumped the door to let her know he'd gone.


It was still dark by the time Mulder reached the right building, having placed a few debugs here and there, to scramble the access code records when he went through.
Minimal lighting illuminated the building, avoiding outside attention it didn't want to advertise for, showing the way to the entrance. Although Mulder was officially legal in entering, unlike many months ago, he decided to wait until duty change over to slip through.
Entering the Security Surveillance Room, using the devices and little engineering skills he had with the help from Frohike in the transmitter earpiece, the security cameras throughout the building though now turned off, appeared to be on.
"You're in Little Buddy." Frohike echoed. "Not much activity happening in the building, but you might want to scadoo your ass out of there and get on with the job. Seems as though our man has decided to return." He indicated that the surveillance guard was returning.
"There was something happening on camera 3." Mulder said, trying to remember.
"It's nothing." Byers replied, watching the real footage.
"Are you sure?"
"Just go!" insisted Frohike.
"Too late," said Langly, "he's coming in."
"Get behind the door. The phone will ring in 5 seconds," Frohike whispered just as Mulder was, "which means in other words, get out." Langly finished. The door opened.
The phone rang.
Leaving it open, the guard answered the telephone.
"Hello?" He called. "Hello? Who is this? Hello?" He hung up the phone
"Damn cheap system." He said, closing the door, and sitting back to watch surveillance. There was no one behind it.

"That was close." Frohike breathed in relief.
"Too close." Mulder commented.
"Good evening, this is your Bad Guys Conspiracy Facility Tour Guide speaking where would you like to go today?" Langly asked.
"I'm heading for L4-R15" Mulder replied making sure no one was around to listen.
"L4-R15...L4-R15...where are you...." Byers said aloud, searching on the databased blueprint maps. "Gotcha. Here." He continued, pointing to Frohike. "We're with you."
"Take the stairs to your right at the end of the hall; the elevators are currently in use, and have a nice day."
"Thanks." Mulder said, walking to the Fire escape door.

Replacing the real Emily with a clone wasn't the hard part; it was getting her out. Having seen her before, there was no struggle because Emily recognised him as a "friendly face". Probably because I'm not wearing a lab coat, Mulder thought. By the time he reached the car, she had fallen asleep.
"She's such a cutie." Commented Frohike.
"Looks like Scully, don't you think?" replied Langly.
"Are the surveillance cameras back to normal?" Mulder asked.
"Sure are, so over and out." Said Byers, switching off the transmitter.
"We're not quite there yet," Mulder was saying to Emily, "So don't move or make any noise."
Placing her on his lap, he turned on to the road and drove through the exit.
For what seemed an eternity, the road was as silent as anything, nothing but the open fields and the never ending sky. Suddenly, from nowhere two vehicles, headlights on high beam, blocked the road ahead. Mulder pulled the car to a halt, his heart pounding, when a soldier stepped out of a car and tapped on his window.
"Where do you think you are going?" He asked.

...There was a knock at the door.
Scully woke up, not believing that in the midst of all the excitement she had fallen asleep.
The door suddenly burst open. Furling white flames licked the doorway; a figure stood in the midst.
"No. It is not Mulder. I ate him for breakfast."
"For God's sake..." Scully began.
"It was not for God's sake, it was for mine."
"You really are pathetic. Try coming up with something more original next time. Hmm...?" She replied
"Yeah, you are right. I suppose Satan really isn't my style."..
Scully woke up to the sound of the door quietly opening. What a bizarre dream. Not sure whether she still was dreaming, gun in hand she crept to the main entrance.
"There's no need for the gun."
"I can't believe it." Scully smiled at the sight of Mulder holding Emily asleep in his arms, ignoring his last comment. She seemed so young and fragile.
"It wasn't easy, but she's all yours." He smiled back, handing Emily to her.
"She's grown." Scully commented, brushing her hair aside. "I owe you big time."
"No I owe you really. And how could you possibly have fallen asleep anyway?" Mulder asked, hands on his hips, changing the subject.
"Well..." She continued to smile.
"Hmm, I thought so."
"You'd better go Mulder."
"Yeah, I've been here for longer than I should have."
"Thankyou. You don't know what having Emily means to me."
"Remember this though," he said seriously looking into her eyes, "Emily isn't tagged "penalty free". Sooner or later this picnic by the seaside will end. You know what to do if you need me." He said, revealing a manilla folder labelled 'Scully, Emily.' "This is everything you need to claim the rights as her mother."
Scully nodded, letting Mulder embrace her before walking out the door once more. She smiled looking at Emily, knowing she wasn't alone any more. Morning had come.

Two weeks later...
Claiming Emily as Scully's biological daughter wasn't easy. There were legal procedures, DNA and blood tests, document papers to fill, but Emily was now officially her daughter.
At first, she had been a quiet unanimated child, but didn't remain that way for long, growing used to the new environment. The more time Scully spent with her, the more she realised how alike Melissa she appeared and how alike herself she acted when she were that age.
She also noticed having Emily changed her lifestyle; it certainly filled in all the gaps and her free time. But there wasn't a moment she regretted. Emily brought home objects like eggshells, finger paintings or birds nests each day to show, bringing a smile to Scully's face. She'd brought a new light into Scully's life, and it showed through everything she did. People she worked with even noticed.
Her mom had taken the news fairly well happy to mind Emily occasionally, although Bill had objected at first. Technically, Emily was Scully's biological child, so there was no argument apart from the question about being a single mother. It suited Scully fine, after all, she wasn't a Special Agent always working and travelling, she was a Medical Doctor teaching in the same locations.
"Ready or not, here I come." Scully called, listening to her daughter's giggling. Playing hide and seek wasn't hard, it was fun.
"I know you are in here somewhere..." She trailed on, trying not to laugh whilst searching through her bedroom. "Nope, mustn't be here..."
"But I bet..." she continued, spotting a small pair of legs behind her hanging overcoat. " might be here!" Emily screamed with laughter as Scully grabbed her from the closet, tickling her.
"Emily," Scully began after she squirmed away, trying to catch the attention of Emily's beautiful hazel eyes, "I've got to work this afternoon, so I'll drop you off on the way through, is that ok?"
Emily nodded briefly before diving under the bed. She had wanted to stay at Scully's Mom's house over night for a while, and now seemed a good time considering the work Scully had to do. Mom gets on well with children, she thought, she loves them. It was nice to have a supportive family.

Scully began the autopsy as soon as possible. She wanted it to be over quickly, even though it was uncertain what she was looking for.
Although it rarely happened, she'd been asked to be on stand-by for several autopsies, delivered from the Federal Headquarters, whenever she was required. According to the last Autopsies, identical to the present one, everything resulted as normal. Apparently Agents working on the case had been expecting something to show up on the Toxicology results, but as far the eye could see, there was nothing. Scully believed this to be a waste of time, but knew better than to tell Special Agents in Charge what was right and not from past experiences working with Mulder. If they wanted it, they got it.
Stopping by her office to retrieve compare transcripts from last time, she was caught by surprise to see the Cigarette Smoking Man lounged in her desk-chair.
"Dr Scully, I now believe?" he paused, "I have been meaning to have a chat with you for quite some time now. I believe you have several issues you wish to... discuss."
Leaning against the door, Scully folded her arms, indicating she was listening.
"I know this... visit was expected sooner or later, I'm sure you agree, but I don't think this is the appropriate place. Do you care for a drive?" He asked coolly, blowing a pillow of blue smoke. Rising from the chair he noticed Scully tapping a 'No smoking' sign stuck to the door.


"Dr Scully," he began, "I know both you and I are aware that I'm not the only Government Shadow to have visited you."
Scully, listening closely to every word, gazed out the window at all the cars passing by appearing less attentive than she really was.
"I believe he has shared with you some information that should not have been heard. Not by your ears anyhow."
"Agt. Mulder has told me nothing." She replied, turning to look at him directly.
"If I may correct you, Mulder is no longer and Agent working for the FBI." He smiled. Scully said nothing. "He has at least told you the whereabouts of a little girl, Emily I presume. Is this not true? I don't know how he did what he did; outside help was inevitable."
"What am I to you? Mulder's replacement as a problem in need of removal?" She retorted.
"I am not the enemy Miss Scully," he paused briefly so relight a cigarette, "I am here to give you advice as a friend about a friend. He is stepping into water that is above his head. Mulder has potential in his current field, but not if he plays the game by the wrong rules. I won't lie to you Dr Scully people die. It is... natural. A man in his late thirties can easily have a fatal accident."
"You wouldn't."
"What would stop me from killing you too? I can make decisions whenever I choose, but not all of them are mine. As I said, I am here to warn you. I have a proposal for you."
Again Scully said nothing.
"No doubt Mulder warned you this would happen. He is quite aware of how the system works. Everything has a cost. Did he mention to you that Emily was dying?"
"You are lying."
"Would I lie? A touch of deja vu it seems, for not long ago Mulder was in the exact same position as you, when you had cancer. I can give you the cure." He said, removing a small vial from his inside coat pocket.
"In exchange for what?" Scully asked, trying to remain mundane.
"You anticipate me rather well Dr. Scully. Perhaps you would have made a more interesting choice than Mulder." The Cigarette Smoking Man paused.
"I never fancied old men." She replied.
"A sharp tongue could cause you trouble one day. Surely you fancy young men though? With a child to look after you should settle down, get married and give Emily a little brother or sister."
"I can't bear children thanks to you."
"I'm sorry, I forgot, how inconsiderate. However, you should think this over seriously." He said, rolling the vial between his fingers.
"You want me to get married in exchange for the cure to Emily's cancer?" Scully asked, taken aback.
"With you out of the way, Mulder should remain undistracted believing you were content or happy. After all, that's all he cares about. Your happiness."
Scully turned away. The world outside seemed pleasant, people walking carrying filled bags, business people with briefcases talking on mobile phones. A motorbike whizzed past, tooting loudly to all the cars. That was were she wanted to be most. In a normal world, where encounters like this were only seen in movies.
Scully saw a single child family walking down the pavement. The mothers seemed so happy, with her husband by her side, as he placed a kiss into her hair. The child lived in her on world, singing and squeezing her parent's hands tightly, swinging backwards and forwards. The father laughed at something his wife had said, whilst bending down to pick up his little girl.
It brought a tear that she blinked away. The Cigarette Smoking Man was right. It's what she most needed. But how on Earth could she pull it off? These things were complicated and took time, sometimes even years. Sometimes, they never happened.
"You ask the impossible." Scully finally answered, returning to the conversation.
"The choice is yours." He replied.
"Choice? Do I really have one?" she snapped.
"Did Mulder?"
"I wouldn't know." Scully lied.
"It's rather simple when you look at it this way. Choose Mulder, everyone dies. Choose Emily, everyone lives."
Scully looked at the vial for a long time.
"I sure you will find a suitable husband. All I ask now, is that you remain silent about this discussion." The Cigarette Smoking man said finally, handing her the vial. "I can steal your happiness anytime I please."

Sometimes Scully wished she'd never met Mulder. She never regretted it though. Subconsciously she had chosen Emily, because Mulder was a survivor. Eventually he would learn to live with the Truth and face the facts of life as she had: Life goes on.
Scully had taken Emily to doctor's immediately and sure enough, the tests and scans showed up as Cancer Positive. The Oncologist, who had never seen such development, described the condition as inoperable nasopharyngeal brain tumours. A girl so young should have already died the way the tumours had metastasised, concluding her prognosis to be extremely poor. Although Emily was being held in intensive care, Scully requested the doctors administrated the substance the Cigarette Smoking Man gave to her immediately, and they did.
There was nothing more Scully could do but sit and wait at Emily's bedside. Her family came and went changing the atmosphere somewhat (Her mother crying and Bill shaking his head), but it was as the Cigarette Smoking Man said; One creepy Deja vu.
Scully wondered what it had been like for Mulder, to watch someone you love dying before your eyes. Emily was so young and carefree; Scully wondered why she hadn't noticed any symptoms. There had been one blood nose, but considering Emily had only been under with her just over a fortnight, it was not enough to be diagnosed with the cancer Scully had survived.
If this cure fails, She thought, I will personally see to it that the man held responsible doesn't live to see his Seventieth Birthday. Then again, the way he smokes cigarettes, lung cancer will kill him before I even place a finger on his neck.
Scully lay beside Emily, having done this before and now for real, she felt helpless knowing she could not save even this little girl's life. Scully watched the small chest rise and fall, listening to the heart monitors beep in rhythm. She had forgotten about the Medical staff hustling outside with errands, and all the worries running through her mind in this peaceful world of just clinging to the child who had become her life.

The morning came at last. Scully, realising where she was, sat up in alarm noticing Emily was gone.
"Emily?" she called, trying not to panic.
"Mommy," came a soft voice, "he was here."
Looking towards the window, she saw Emily sitting on a sill, the sunrays highlighting her small form. "Who was here Em honey?" She called, slowly sitting beside her.
"A man wearing black..." Emily replied pointing her tiny finger towards the door.
Why that slimy predominating smoking bastard. Scully thought angrily, wrapping her arms around her daughter protectively. How dare he come to watch this sick experiment.
"...and he left this for you." She finished, handing Scully a small parcel.
Scully pulled away the note that read:

I won't see you for a while, but press this if in you need me.
I will find you.

Dangling the object between her fingers, Scully smiled at the Alien keyring. That was so typical of Mulder. It didn't make a difference that he was going somewhere, Scully would never see him again.
Four Weeks Later...
Emily had made a fast recovery, like Scully had, so there was no big surprise. The Doctors, amazed at such progress, had sent a sample of the substance administrated to Emily off for analysis, but Scully doubted they would see the results.
Life had returned to normal, whatever normal meant these days, with Scully back teaching Medicine at Quantico. Emily was under the care of the Lone Gunmen, who'd beseeched for a child minding opportunity as long as she could remember. God knows what they'd do together, as long as she comes back in one piece, Scully smiled. As a parting gift of gratitude, receiving one of their creations (A pin sized camera complete with a viewing system installed into any mobile phone), Scully left for an evening date with a man who had conveniently entered her life. His name was Dr. Jedaiah Anderson. As far as she was concerned, Scully didn't plan on spending much time with someone she was arranged to marry, all that seemed to matter was getting married.
She admitted that things could have been worse, after all, Anderson was a respected CIA Agent who had recently enrolled at Quantico, with degrees in Psychology, Chemistry and Medical Science. There was a certain charm about him and looks that said more than enough, but Scully knew deep down, her heart could never belong to a nice no-nonsense Doctor, despite how well he suited her. There was about as much excitement in this relationship as solving a maths problem, and that's no hint of adventure either. Scully had already tasted the wild life on the tip of her tongue and was thirsty again for more. There's no going back when you've glimpsed the higher world. If she had met this man seven years ago before Mulder, he would have seemed like a Cowboy. Try Parking Lot Attendant now. Even Emily became bored in his company.
But if this was what it cost to say the lives of her daughter and Mulder, and to know he was still on the globe somewhere, then it was a little price to pay. At least Anderson wasn't a Jabba the Hut.

Months went by, turning a social evening dinner to a serious relationship. Moving apartments had recently become an issue with Anderson spending more and more time at Scully's. He simply adored her, worshiping the ground she walked. He reminded Scully slightly of Pendrell who'd died taking a bullet for someone. What a waste, Pendrell deserved a lot more.
Scully cared about Anderson or Jed as he called himself, as a friend, but pretending to love and sleep with him bothered her leading him on as she was, but knowing it was inevitable. Whenever this happened, Scully would simply shut herself off.
She thought about Mulder occasionally, wondering where he was or if he even remembered her. It was hard to imagine Mulder as a Cigarette Smoking Man, laughing when she thought about it. Anderson too, asked about the mysterious man who had been an important part of her life, but Scully said nothing and avoided complicating the issue.

"You barely have enough information to consider searching, yet here we are chasing ghosts." Scully said, to her Mobile phone.
"Agt. Redlum assures me it's there," Section Chief Johnson replied on the other line.
"Should we eat in tonight?" Anderson called in the background, chasing after Emily.
"Is there someone else I can talk to?" She continued, nodding towards him.
"Mommy, mommy look what I can do." Emily said, tugging at Scully's pants, holding her old Mobile phone broadcasting the pin-sized camera's view. "Byers made a re-mote con-trol," she continued, pronouncing each word carefully, "so you can see left and right. He said it could be useful."
Looking down at Emily who was beaming ear to ear, Scully whispered "That's wonderful darling," ruffling her hair.
"Assistant Director Skinner."
"Sir, I received a case..." She continued, Anderson wrapped his arms around her whilst Emily complained about Scully messing her hair.
"I'll start cooking something, ok?" He said, gently kissing her hair.
"...but sir, according to the ballistics..." Scully insisted, whispering a quick 'ok', before returning to the argument with Skinner. What would she have done if this were Mulder's case?
"...Well if he believes something's there, then I'll go along..."
"Mommy, look, there's a man!" Emily squealed excitedly running around.
"If you'll excuse me sir...Emily honey, come here..."
"See...?" she said pointing vigorously. Scully peered at the screen.
"Oh my god...Emily..." she swallowed, watching the stranger look left then right, revealing a handgun. Where is my gun? Scully suddenly thought grabbing Emily. Feeling for an object in her pocket, she pressed it several times slipping it on her finger for reassurance.
"Go and hide under Mommies bed and block your ears. Do not come out unless I say so, understand?"
"Just go." She whispered watching Emily who turned and ran. Shit, I left it on the door-stand. Scully realised, starting to panic. This wasn't the first time something like this had happened.
"Agt Scully is there a Problem?" came a tinny voice from her mobile.
"Sir, I need backup now. Don't ask questions."
"I'm on it." Skinner replied, a small 'click' of the door drawing Scully's attention. He's here. Remaining calm, she slipped into the next room, trying to get a better view without being seen. Why is this happening? Did Emily make it to the bed? Will I remain standing or will he?
Many thoughts ran through her mind, her heart pounding as she watched the shadow disappear behind a corner. Following behind, poking her head around the corner, she glimpsed the holster crumpled on the table.
If he would just move, I could get it...
He moved on.
Quietly walking over, she picked it up. It was empty. He has my gun. Scully began to panic, turning around. He had gone. Darting her eyes left and right, she couldn't believe she had lost track, fear rising to the back of her throat.
...Someone is going to die...
Anderson...Oh my God...he doesn't know...
"Dana, the electricity isn't working, should I...Dana?" He called, walking out of the kitchen. "Dana...where are, oh, there y..." he continued, following a shadow.
He's following the killer...who's looking... Scully froze in me.
"Dana...what the hell?" Anderson realised looking from Scully to the Silent Man, who was blocking the door.
"Jed, NO...!" she screamed as a shot was fired. A second shot was fired. Closing her eyes, Scully waited to feel the impact, the sound exploding in her ears.
It never happened.
The room fell silent. Hearing only her breathing, she slowly opened her eyes. Mulder stood in the doorway, poised from firing, his gun still hot from the crossfire. He had shot the killer. But hadn't managed to stop the first shot. Anderson lay sprawled by her feet, gasping.
"That bullet was meant for me." Scully whispered, kneeling beside him, the blood seeping through his shirt. Removing it, placing her hands over the wound, she tried to stop the flow as it spilled over her hands.
"Why did you do it?"
"I love you Dana..." he muttered, breathing sharply trying to remain conscious.
"I'm sorry." Holding back tears, she knew honesty was important. Scully could never return the same love. "No, stay awake. Help is on the way, you are going to be ok." She continued, squeezing his shoulders.
"F.B.I! Everybody drop your weapons!"
"Too late." Mulder replied to the Agent who had burst in.
"Agt. Mulder..." Assistant Director Skinner said, surprised.
"I can explain." Mulder said, ending the 911 call.
Agt. Thompson, who had knelt beside Anderson's body, checked for a pulse.
"He's gone."
"No, there's still..."
"Scully." Mulder said firmly, kneeling beside her.
"It's my fault." She said, wiping a tear with her bloodstained hands, covering her face.
"How can any of this be your fault?" He replied, moving her hands to look into her teary eyes. "Scully, I am to blame for all of this."
"That should have been me...dead on the floor. Mulder, he took a bullet for me." She said in shock. "How can anyone make such a sacrifice?"
"I would have done the same, had I been here." He said, holding her.
Medical crew from the Ambulance that had arrived, lifted Anderson's body' onto a stretcher before wheeling him out. Scully watched woefully.
"Mulder, you aren't suppose to be here." she mumbled to his shoulder.
"I found out someone was sent here to kill you. Never straying afar, I assigned the Lone Gunmen to keep a watch out. Not as far as perverting though."
"No," Scully said, facing him, "I mean..."
"Oh. I may still be a "Shadow"," he said, raising his hands indicate speech marks, "for an operative group of people, but I still play the game by the wrong rules."
Scully looked at him strangely for a minute, before shaking her head. "You don't have to explain it to me, as long as your here, that's all that matters. The Truth can stay Out There." She said, handing him the alien keyring, before he disappeared into another room.
"Are you looking for this?" Mulder asked, holding a teary Emily who gripped tightly to his neck.
"Emily..." Scully gaped, pressing close to her child. "Should something ever happen to her, I would never forgive myself."
"That's why I'm going to stay here tonight." Mulder replied.

Two Weeks Later... "Whoa, little dude,..."
"She's grown..."
"She's like a small Scully..."
"This is freaky..."
"Did you know..."
"Don't go telling her that Byers..."
"She's gonna love computers by the time she leaves..."
"Maybe she'll hang out with us one day..."
"Like Mulder...?"
"We're gonna have tonnes of fun..."
"Does she like cheese steaks...?"
"...or Government Conspiracies...?"
"Never in shortage here..."
The Lone Gunmen babbled over Emily, as Scully, shutting their door, let go her concealed laugh. Emily enjoyed their company, and it was nice to know they would take her in any time. The cell phone was ringing.
"Scully, it's me. Where were you yesterday? I came by to show you..."
"...something I may find amusing. Yes Mulder, I received your message, all four of them. Which is why I am looking at the folder, designated as an X-file." Scully finished his sentence.
"I've got another one...I was digging around the office...and don't say what I know you are going to..."
"What, that even though you claim to know the truth, you still find the X-files fascinating?"
"See Scully, Fate. I knew I was teamed up with you in the beginning for a reason."
Scully smiled. Even though she didn't work with him, nor did he work for the FBI, it was as though nothing had changed.
"Besides," he continued, "Not all of these cases relate to the Government Conspiracies stuff. They still hold an interest to me. I have theories for half of them. You should come over and have a look."
"I just might."
There was a pause.
"Scully, since when did non-scientific based theories interest you?" Mulder smirked.
"Since eight years ago." Scully smiled.
"I knew it all along." He pretended.
"Sure Mulder."
"So it's a date then."
"See you there." She said, hanging up the phone.

"Mulder, you are so creative sometimes. It's very amusing." Scully laughed. "I'm not saying that none of these are implausible though."
"Is that a vote of confidence from the Dr. Enigma Scully or what!" Mulder beamed. If he had shown any of this to her whilst working on the X-files two years ago, she would have tossed him out of the window. Scully had changed. Mulder enjoyed the more comical childish side Emily had opened up in her. From spending the past two weeks on and off together, they had learnt a lot about each other, things they hadn't known before.
The first night spent with Scully, the day Jedaiah Anderson had died, was pure magic. Mulder, knowing that stepping into the scene had been a dangerous move on his behalf, had stayed to protect them. Not that he did sleep, with Scully and Emily curled up beside him as a constant reminder of what he had been missing. He deeply regretting ever leaving, though knowing he had no choice.
Mulder knew he was more of a threat to the Cigarette Smoking Man than he to him. Mulder now above him, could take him out anytime he felt the need, but never let this confidence discourage the fact that the Smoking Man was still dangerous no matter what happened. Such details, he never shared with Scully for many reasons. For now though, he was sure the Smoking man had been put in his place from their last shared encounter...
"Mulder, it's getting late. I'd better round up the troops." She sighed.
"Don't you mean just troop?"
"At the rate Emily's going, she feels like an entire army."
"Well if you ever need a hand," Mulder said, walking her to the door, "I'm a phone call away." "Thanks. I owe you everything."
"I'd have given you more if you'd asked, but being the Dana you are, you had go and act all modest..." "Shut up Mulder." She grinned, punching him in the arm.
"It's good to be back to normal, with you abusing me and all." Mulder said, returning the smile. "You'll get a lot more if you ever leave again."
"Nah, I wouldn't be bothered. All the packing and moving..."
"Goodnight." She said abruptly, stealing a quick kiss. Not sure what else to do, she turned to walk out the door.
"Now Scully," Mulder began, taking hold off her hand, "you big old hypocrite, who is the one walking away now? Hmmm?"
"Well as a Mother," Scully said, turning around to meet his smile, "I would generally place the well being of my daughter as a priority, but she is a very mature five year old, as you would know." Passing a sly look at Mulder, she slipped her arms around his shoulders, grazing his lips.
"Yes, extremely mature." Mulder replied, kissing her lightly, running his hands along the contours of her face.
"I'm sure she can handle taking care of the Lone Gun Men herself, wouldn't you agree?"
"What kind of question is that? Would I ever disagree with you?"
"Oh no, never." Scully laughed sarcastically closing the door with a free hand.

Scully opened her eyes just a peek. It was morning. And Mulder was still there. Checking to make sure her clothes hadn't been thrown to far away, she snuggled closer to him and returned to sleep with a smile. It had been a wild unforgettable night.

Weeks later... "Emily's calling you. I think she's crying" Mulder prodded Scully, who lay sleeping beside him.
"You should check on her one time." She replied, opening her eyes to see what time it was.
"I could, but I wouldn't feel comfortable."
"Why not?"
"I'm not her father."
"She's doesn't mind thinking you are." Scully said ruffling his hair. "I'm rather glad we aren't still Partners at the Bureau. Things would have been complicated."
"Scully, she's still crying."
"Ok, ok, I'm going." She said, crawling out of bed towards the next room
"Em honey, what's wrong?" She said quietly, sitting on the edge of the bed.
"I had a bad dream again." Emily snivelled as Scully drew her into an embrace. Emily often had nightmares about her past life.
"Hey, it's ok to have bad dreams. They aren't real."
"There were men dressed in black, Mommy, and lots and lots of me's. It was real."
"They can't hurt you here." Scully cooed.
"I don't want to sleep."
"Don't worry, I won't leave. Close your eyes, and I'll sing for you." Not that I can sing, Scully thought to herself remembering the time she sang for Mulder in the woods so he knew she was awake.
Scully, singing quietly the lullaby her mother had sung for her when she was young, holding a sleeping Emily in her arms, stood to leave when she realised Mulder had been standing, watching for some time. Shyly, she walked towards him until she was standing opposite.
"You're so beautiful Scully." He said affectionately, pulling her towards him, rolling the soft texture of her hair between his fingers..
"You don't mind an extra female in the bed, do you?" She asked letting Mulder devour her.
"The more, the merrier." He smiled.

"Mommy, Mommy, wake up." Emily said, pulling away the bed sheets. Scully groaned, squirming away from Mulder's embrace, trying not to wake him.
"Sshhhh. He's still sleeping. What is it?" She asked, climbing out of bed.
"I have an doctors check up."
"I forgot!" Scully looked at the time. Ten Minutes until Emily was due. "Who was supposed to take you?" She whispered.
"You were."
"Hmm, Mulder can do it." She winked at Emily who giggled at her laziness, as she began vigorously shaking him. "Mulder! Wake up!"
"Hmmm, what?" He said sleepily.
"You have to take Emily to her appointment in ten minutes."
"I forgot!" Mulder sat up with a start. He jumped out of bed, tripping through the sheets sending Scully and Emily into hysterics.
"C'mon you little munch-kin," he said, bundling up Emily, "I better get you dressed!"

"Where's my shirt?" Mulder called, rampaging through the closet. "How come I can dress Emily faster than I can dress myself."
"I'd dress you Mulder, but that'd take forever."
"Why is that?"
"You get... how should I put it? Distracted. Metaphysically speaking of course..." Scully mumbled, putting her head under the pillow.
"Mulder... I'm hungry." Emily complained.
"Scully will make you something to eat, because she's the loveliest, most caring, lovable, ...and caring mother in the whole wide world!" Mulder exclaimed, bounding onto the bed, cuddling next to Scully, disturbing her sleep.
"Mommy was supposed to take me!" Emily squealed, running to the kitchen.
"Why you cheeky devil..." He began, biting her shoulder.
"That was our secret!" Scully yelled between laughing, hitting Mulder with a pillow. "I'm getting up ok?"
"Hey! You're wearing my shirt!"
"What do you want to eat?" Scully asked entering the kitchen, as Emily spilt cereal over the floor.
"What's even better; you're wearing only my shirt." He continued to follow, grabbing her around the waist.
"I did say distracted didn't I?" she replied.
"Look at this wonderful mess you can clean Scully!"
"I didn't do it." Emily claimed.
"That's ok Emily. Seems like an X-file Mulder."
"If Emily didn't do it, you're the only suspect. I'll interrogate you some other night." He said, kissing her on the neck. "I'll get her something to eat on the way."
"It's not good for her..." Scully insisted smoothing his shoulders, "...then again, it's good to be bad sometimes." She smiled, returning his kiss.
"Stop kissing," Emily whined, pulling at Mulder's leg with all her strength. "I have to go!"

"If anyone has any questions, you can reach me at the office any time tomorrow." Scully said to her audience, disposing her latex gloves. When most of the people had filed out, she began piling the textbooks.
"Dr. Scully?" Came a nasal lispy voice.
"Um, I think I have a crush on you."
Scully jumped at the sight. Mulder sat in a lecture chair wearing thick spectacles, nervously biting his nails.
"Mulder, I should have known it was you." She laughed.
"Sorry, but I couldn't resist." He grinned, removing the glasses. "Always wanted to do that."
"How was your day with Emily? Did you make the appointment?"
"Well turns out we had to wait half an hour anyway." Mulder said, flipping through some of the papers. "I had to pick up something from the Bureau, so I showed her the office. Just like the good old days." Scully folded his hands into hers.
"...We did all sorts of things. She played battle ships with Captain Mulder and Lt. Skinner..."
"Assistant Director Skinner played battle ships?" Scully smiled, wrapping her arms around his waist.
"Emily convinced him. She definitely has your logical arguing genes!" Mulder teased.
"She really likes you. You two were made for each other."
"Scully, she called me Dad."
"Unbelievable." She whispered turning down the lights, genuinely touched. "Oh what a shame, there must have been a power surge."
"I wish. However, problem number one. There is little girl waiting in the car who has one hell of an endless pit for a stomach. She's still complaining about being hungry."
"Damn you Mulder. I've always wanted to do that!" Scully purposely whined.
"Settle for Lunch instead?" He said, dragging her out of the Seminar Room with an armful of her textbooks.
"Sounds like a date to me!"
The sidewalk filled with people, colour and life, buzzed with energy. Scully, Mulder and Emily walked together, lost in their own world, enjoying life as a family.
"Hey check this out." Mulder pointed to a shop. Emily giggled from up high on his shoulders as he walked over.
"You have a lovely family Miss Scully. What a shame it would be if that were put to waste."
Scully turned around to face the Cigarette Smoking Man.
"That's original." She eyed him with cold regard.
"You should consider what I may have mentioned before. Knowing the Truth, like Mulder."
Scully said nothing for a while.
"Who was the biological Father?"
The Smoking man looked at her, choosing his words.
"Emily is growing up to be a vibrant girl, so full of life." he paused, watching the two across the street. "She has beautiful brown eyes, much like Mulder. Don't you think?" he said, blowing a cloud of blue smoke.
Scully watched Mulder and Emily; their smiles and laughter were so beautiful. This was happiness. This was my happiness. Returning her gaze to the Smoking Man, looking from one scene to the other, she wondered if she would ever want to know the truth.
"Some things are better left alone." She replied coolly, walking away towards her daughter, her love, her life.

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