A town awakes
To a butterscotch

From hotel and
Apartments in
Western Europe,
she tells her friends
and others who listen,

"I'm from Tupelo, honey,
My father loathes
Me for the person
I've become."

A town works
And plays
To a Southern
Comfort tempo.

Four page letters
"lost in transit".
Unopened dreams
And playground poems,

Discarded gifts
From tortured
Bloodlines. Shattered
Hopes dying
In a twisted bed.

A hungry woman
On suppression.
Ever open hearts
On sleeves
That weep.

"Touch me not,
for I have much
to hurt you. Save
yourself from
this love so rare.

Tell me I'm right,
not a tainted angel.
Caress my emotions
On this switchback ride"
A small town
Sleeps to a lemon
Peel moon.
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Tupelo Honey
Paul Suckling
The Fire Inside
Paul Suckling
She has crossed
into hushed insanity
of another heaven
Her Dreams tossed
like pebbles
into the darkness.

Yesterday, I watched
as Mother Earth
another of her

A little of that
which is me
goes with her
to the ground

her soul burns.
For the dead live
by love.

'The Fire Inside'
can be found in
'Hidden Statistics'
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