Millennium Scribblers
Founded May 1999

1:  Name -

The Millennium Scribblers

2: Objectives

to provide an environment for sharing common interest in writing.

3: Membership

The group will be open to all corners with an interest in writing and membership* has been paid.

If fees are not paid then that person attending the group meetings will not be eligible for inclusion     in any forthcoming events or future printed material.

12 suggested Fee

4: Management --

A committee of four will manage the group. President and Vice. President, Secretary and                Treasurer.

The quorum will be five, without which a meeting cannot take place.

The committee will meet every three months.

5: AGM -

The group will have an Annual General Meeting one year from the starting date of the group, (17-    05-99). At which an annual report will be presented along with the yearly accounts.

At this meeting we will take the time to vote in a new committee. There is nothing stopping the        old committee retaining their seat as long as they have been voted in again.

The President is permitted to take the chair for three years in a row.

If a special meeting is to be called then seven days notice is to be given to all other members.

Group funds can be always be used only to further the group as a whole, and not any one person.

6: Committee-

The Vice President is to chair the committee meeting if and when the President is not in                   attendance.

The President has the casting vote. The vice president does not have this vote while chairing the       meeting.

The Secretary will be responsible for the minute taking during the committee meetings.

Current Comittee:

President: - Mariea Harte
Treasurer: - Lorraine O'Reilly
Secretary: - Tina Brady

7: Finance-

The bank off choice is the First Trust

The treasurer and any other office bearer may sign cheques. The treasurer must always sign it.

Group funds can be always be used only to further the group as a whole, and not any one person.

8: Dissolution-

The group can only be dissolved after a special meeting and with a unanimous vote to do so.

Any funds remaining after the dissolution of the group will be given to a charity to be chosen at       the time.
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