CARDS MAGIC - more of a trick rather than a game. You think of a number and that thing guesses what the number is!
COUNTING SHEEP - not quiet a game either. If you can't sleep THIS shall help you to count sheep!
HANGMAN - that game where you have to guess word by letters and um... if you guess wrong um... Oh hell, this is as far as my knowledge of English goes! But it's a very cool game!
HYPNOTRON - not quiet a game again! Yet cool. You have to look at that thing for a minute or so and after look at you hand or something... You'll see something funny.
MARS FLY - a 3d Mars fly! Your chance to visit Mars!
MESSAGE MANAGER - and wouldn't call this a game either... This is a thing that can create windows messages.
SADDAM - a game finally! You have to shoot Saddam Husane...
SPIT WAD - spit on your teacher. For teacher haters only.
VERMIN - cockroaches! Like having them in your house wasn't enough.
WHACK A MOLE - what it says. Whack a mole...
BAD DAY - a new way to look at old desk top!
DOWNHOAX - a thing that pretends to download from porno sites! Pretty cool!
ELVIS - see if Elvis' spirit visits your house! The instruction to the program might be even funnier than program it self!
GUN - mad at your comp?! Shoot away! Shoot your screen! Great way to release stress.
MADDONA'S BABY - eh... a Mad dona's baby?
MEANING OF LIFE - find out what's the meaning of life is... give it a try at least.
RAT TRAP - might seem like it's a game and the point is to kill a rat. But if you shoot the rat it will kill ya comp. Not really. But it scared the hell out of me.
SILLY DOS - very silly and funny dos! Just like real one but it says funny things!
SYSTEM INFO - a program that pretends to delete everything from your comp. And you can't stop it! Scaaaaarrry!
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