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      Bigwin Inn, on Lake of Bays in Muskoka, Ontario, was once billed as the most luxurious and largest summer resort in all of North America.
       It ceased operation 3 decades ago due to many problems, including growing competition with cottages, poor access (Bigwin Inn is located on Bigwin Island with no road access), and poor management.
     "Once an elegant hideaway of the rich and famous, the island inn's grand structures today stand deserted, haunting reminders of a bygone era.  The Rotunda's massive stone hearths are cold.  The front desk is strewn with dust-covered registers.  Dining rooms are eerily empty.  And, sadly, big bands no longer perform in the great Pavilion."  (Excerpt from
Bigwin Inn by Douglas McTaggart.).
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History of Bigwin Inn
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The Bigwin Historical Society's purpose is to help preserve the history of Bigwin Inn by educating the public, by gathering and preserving artifacts related to Bigwin, to create a membership for those interested in Bigwin, to help fundraise for special projects related to Bigwin (current example the Bigwin Ferry restoration project taking place by the LOB Heritage Foundation), and to maintain a library and small museum.   I hope you enjoy the site and please email us your comments at [email protected]

Kyle Miller
The Dining Complex in it's heyday
Bigwin Historical Society
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For those of you who have the Bigwin Inn book by Douglas McTaggart, there is a faint image of a man on page 70, on the chair in the middle of the page.  If anyone knows any information about this picture and what appears to be a ghost, please email us at
[email protected].  We would also appreciate any general ghost stories of Bigwin Inn, especially ones related to Indians and the burial grounds on the island.  Thank-you.
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