IN SEARCH OF JESUS : Last Starchild of the Old Silk Road by Suzanne Olsson IN SEARCH OF JESUS : Last Starchild of the Old Silk Road
Suzanne Olsson
About the Book

This book will shock you, amaze you, anger you, and help you to understand why no one has yet proven that a man named Jesus survived the crucifixion, or that he has a tomb in Kashmir. If he survived the crucifixion, he certainly became one of history�s most difficult and elusive men to track down, but why? The author spent seven years compiling this book, which started out as a simple search into her own family genealogy. From there it took unexpected twists and turns that catapulted the author and her work right onto center stage of world events.  Her adventures on the Old Silk Road, following the same paths Jesus walked from Canaan to Kashmir, are moments of fun, amazement, wonder, surprises, treachery, and sheer terror. In Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Kashmir, Egypt, Israel, and Ethiopia, she followed every lead, trekked to every remote and dangerous outpost to find obscure and nearly lost historical information. Every page is a gold mine of new information, presented in bold new ways of thinking, often with humor and fun.

From God�s chosen people, from the Ice Age to the Space Age, she traced back to the big bang of all world religions and civilizations. The most valued and authenticated relics in the entire world, precisely what the world needs for absolute proofs, are systematically being hidden, destroyed, or sold off to the highest bidders. Can the world obtain the actual DNA from Jesus� tomb for scientific study? Yes, it�s still possible, and she explains the situation in ways that will trouble your peace of mind for years to come...

�I took my stand in the midst of this world, and my soul ached for the children of humanity.  Be on guard against the world, and those who come to steal from you.  Prepare yourselves with great strength and fortitude, for trouble will come from them.  Know what is front of your face, then what has been hidden will be disclosed to you, for there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed.  Those who seek should not stop seeking until they find.  When they find, they will be disturbed.  Then they will marvel and be amazed�

Saying of Jesus from the Q Gospels

This book will disturb you. It�s an adventure in new thinking and new discoveries. You will be amazed. Then you will want to help, and you will finally know where and how.

About the Author

As a young woman, the author discovered in old family Bibles and museums, intriguing clues to a fascinating genealogy. No armchair scholar, she eagerly set out in her retirement years to devote herself to completing the story. Unexpectedly, her famous ancestors catapulted her right into center stage of world events, and into some terrifying experiences. Undaunted, she stayed the course, and in the true tradition of �Indiana Sue at the Temple of Taliban Doom� grit her teeth, forged ahead, and shocked the world with her finds.  Seven years later, and after much circumnavigation of the globe, she�s completed as much as she can of the research, and resides between Bangkok and New York. She has four grandchildren.
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