Frontier Force Regiment.
(Pakistan - Formerly British India)
This webpage is for anyone with a historical interest in the Frontier Force Regiment of British India (now Pakistan)
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Frontier Force Regiment
English Officers Commanding of a FF regiment in pre-partition India
Photograph list of Commanding Officers of the oldest Frontier Force Battalion (Royal 6/13 or 1st FF) of Indian British Army before partition 1840s - 1947.

03- Lt CP Keyes
04- Capt WD Hoste
07- Lt Col AN Sandilands
08- Maj JE Mein
05- Maj BR Chambers
06- Lt Col S.J. Browne 
09- Lt Col EW Cunliffe
10- Lt Col RA Carruthers
11- Lt Col PBB Forster
12- Lt Col CC Fenner
13- Lt Col PC Eliott Lockhart
14- Lt Col TL Leeds
16- Lt Col Anderson
17- Lt Col DG Sademan
18- Lt Col AH Brun
19- Lt Col RD Inskip
20- Lt Col NL ST P Bunbury
21- Lt Col D Russell
22- Lt Col CM Malden
23- Lt Col GAP Coldstream
24- Lt Col HR Jones
25- Lt Col SJH Green DSO MBE
26- Lt Col JC Lewis OBE

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Corps of Guides
QVO Corps of Guides raised 1846, from which many PIFFer units have later emerged
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