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I'm Steve Platt, my ham call is KC4JGC. 

The digital revolution is slowly taking America's First Region over as far as public safety communcations are concerned. If you don't have a digital capable scanner now you should soon! As of now (14 November 2015), only Portsmouth still has police and fire department comms on their analog system, Newport News is the latest to go P25, on 11/10/2015. Suffolk's and Newport News' P25 system are both Phase 2 (TDMA) capable. However, they are both currently operating as Phase 1 (FDMA).

I'm working on updating & simplifying several pages.

3/22/17 BREAKING NEWS--The City of Chesapeake's new 700 MHz true P25 trunking system is live after testing since early August 2016.

In January 2012, the HRSP and Radio Reference lost a big friend and contributor with the passing of Frank Monroe. In February, I posted a memorial on the Suffolk page.

I hope to slowly get things up to date when possible. Remember, I'm a trucker that's home only on the weekends; your input is essential!

Also, thanks to those who have contributed in the past:  Robert Stromeyer, Frank Monroe, Lynn Hales, David Gallagher, Larry Wheeler , Mike Urquhart and several others not metioned.  


All information is provided solely for the recreational listening of radio frequencies and is not to be used for navigational, safety, or illegal purposes. You are responsible for determining the legality of listening to these frequencies at your locality. The author, contributors, and host ISP assume no responsibility for the inappropriate use of information on these pages.  If you find an error in any listing, please notify the administrator sdplatt at cox dot net so that it can be corrected for everyone's benefit.  Thanks!