Komm Mit
Sydney and Claire's Fan Fiction
The first story in our series. The story takes place in Hamburg, when the lads were just getting their start.
I Should Have Known Better
This is the second story in the series. It takes place during the shooting of A Hard Day's Night.
Act Naturally
The third story in our series! This story takes place during the shooting of Help!
Tomorrow Never Knows
This is the fourth story in our on-going saga! This story takes place during Rubber  Soul and Revolver.
With a Little Help From My Friends
Fith story in this lovely little series! This one obviously takes place during Sgt. Peppers!
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Hello, Goodbye
This is the sixth story, which takes place during Magical Mystery Tour.
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Here are Pictures of Sydney and Claire!
This is a story I wrote before I even knew Claire... I decided to post it... Its's Beatles related, but it's also a Monkees story! So please go read...
my story!
Sorry it is taking us sooo long to finish...just bear with us...we'll finish before...we die....hehe!
Please sign the guestbook, it's all sad and lonely!
Don't Pass Me By
Seventh Story, taking place...obviously during the White Album...very exciting new installment!!
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