Urgent message for all SOAS students, staff and alumni


Your help is needed, to





In August 2023 SOAS management announced that it is going to shut down our precious little bookshop.


It is a treasure, a haven of good thinking in this world of barbarity.


Many of us have reason to be grateful for this bookshop, and many of us have the fondest of memories of good browsing and good conversations with our esteemed bookseller.


No reason has been given for the closure, and no options have been explored to enable the bookshop to continue to operate.


We cannot allow SOAS management to close our bookshop.


For this reason we are calling on all students and staff of SOAS, and the whole worldwide network of SOAS alumni, to join the campaign to save the bookshop.


We call on SOAS management immediately to enter into negotiations to find a solution for the continued existence of this precious resource.


We ask all supporters of the bookshop to join the campaign on our Facebook page at





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Website: Universitas adversitatis

Last updated: 9.xi.2023