Save Matthew Corrigan

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Save Matthew Corrigan!

Son. B&M Employee. Roguelike Fan.

Matthew Corrigan is a well respected member of the Official Server Community, often found paying for minecraft servers, and buying new roguelikes. He is also known by the name 007, a tribute to his immense skills in Apex Legends.


He has recently been spotted consuming illicit substances as well as playing roguelikes that are not suitable for a work enviroment. The Official Server worries that this may lead to horrible concequenses in his life, and are urging you for help.

How can I help?

You can start by talking to him. Tell him that he should play good roguelikes like Loop Hero or Nuclear Throne, and stop playing Dead Estate.
Another step is to sneak up behind him and play bee noises on your phone to scare him. This will cause him to drop his illicit substances in fear. Simply steal them and eat them.
Finally, make sure to send me money on my go fund me. All procedes will go to Matthew to help him buy good roguelikes.

Thank You for your attention

Matthew's go fund me

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