SASSA Status Check SRD R350 Payment Dates


Are you looking for a bursary for funding your education in South Africa? We have a comprehensive online list of all available top and latest bursaries for 2022 in South Africa and we are adding more bursary programmes each week.

One of the biggest investments you can make is in your education. Whether you are in your last year of school and considering going to University, a current student struggling to continue paying for education or if you have a strong academic history then a bursary or scholarship could be a great option for you.

Bursaries and Scholarships are one of the best ways to finance your studies and achieve goals in higher education without having to spend a large amount of money. It reduces the cost of postgraduate studies and the liability of debt because they don’t have to be repaid.

If you do not fully understand what a bursary is and how to get one, the following information will help guide you through the process. To read more about SASSA Status Check For SRD R350 Payment Dates.