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For the conquest of Sicily the First Canadian Division, commanded by Major General Simonds, became part of the Eigth Army commanded by General Sir Bernard L. Montgomery.  Together with the 50th and the 51st British Divisions and Corps troops they formed the 30th Corps commanded by Lt. General Sir Oliver Leese.  The plan of the Division for the landing was that, 1st brigade and 2nd brigade would make the assault and 3rd brigade would be in reserve.  As for the battalion, a skeleton headquarters was to have the responsibility of Divisional Maintenence Area and each brigade support group with a skeleton headquarters and less its A/A Company was placed under command of its respective brigade.


  Battalion Headquarters landed in Sicily on July 13th, 1943 without an operational role but assumed command of D.M.A. on the 18th of July.  During ensuing operations valuable experience was gained in the efficient moving and placing of divisional administrative and service units.  The Intelligence Officer, Lieut. C. A. B. O. Magill lost his hand in a booby trap.  With the withdrawal of the Division from battle in early August, D.M.A. moved to Sortino to get ready for Italy.

No. 1 Infantry Brigade Support Group (Sask. L.I.) commanded by Brig. H. D. Graham for the invasion of Sicily.  During the voyage through the Mediteranean the convoy was attacked and enemy submarines sank one ship carrying personnel and considerable equipment of the Hy Mortar Coy.  No lives were lost but five carriers and sundry other items of kit and weapons went to the bottom, and personnel were left in North Africa until after the landing.  Fortunately spare mortars were carried on the troop ship.  The Mortar and M.M.G. Companies landed in Sicily on July 10, 1943, and supported the 1st Canadian Infantry Brigade throughout the Sicilian campaign.  Until Italian vehicles were captured "Dukws" were used to replace the vehicles lost during the voyage.  The route followed through Sicily was as followes: Porto Palo (taking Pachino airdrome), Rosolini, Modica, Ragusa, Giarratana, Vizzini, Grammichile, Caltagirone, S. Michele di Ganzaria, Piazza Armerina, Valguarnera, Assero, Nissoria, Agira, Regalbuto and Acterno.  The first action was at Grammichile when the M.M.G.'s went in.  Casualties were one killed, four wounded and three carriers knocked out.  At Assoro there was stiff fighting and the Mortar Company lost one killed, and five wounded.  Nissoria was the scene of the most action on the part of the group when the mortars laid down a very heavy barrage on the town and all the M.M.G.'s were also employed to cover the advance of the infantry.  On the 7th of August the group went into rest and proceeded with the brigade to a cancentration at Militello.
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