Turley - June, 1996

Turley Children's Home

Turley Children's Home This 102-page book tells the stories that have never been told before by the residents of this orphanage. The book reflects on the physical, emotional and sexual abuse that went on at the church-run orphanage, abuse seldom reported because, instinctively, the young victims knew they would be the ones punished rather than the offenders.

More than being a good writer with a fascinating heritage from which she draws, Sarah Hudson-Pierce has the kind of perseverance which can make all the difference.

She finds something useful in almost everything that happens to her, transforming disappointments, problems, and everyday happenings into nuggets of inspiration for her readers.

I know of few other writers who are as prolific and have the stick-to-it-iveness as Sarah Hudson-Pierce. Perhaps it is because she has so much living from which to draw.

Dick Schneider
Senior Staff Editor
Guideposts Magazine

Sarah Hudson-Pierce has a unique style of expressions for today's modern society.

Jim McCullough
McCullough Film Production

There are a few, like Sarah, who are willing to take a risk. They take the dream out of the box, put it on and start living it. They lay bare their ego to discover if they are equal to the dream or if they are equal only to the fantasy.

Erma Bombeck
Syndicated Columnist

This book was dedicated to Erma Bombeck who made a difference in how my life turned out.

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Sarah Hudson-Pierce



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