Clara Agnes Fulk

Clara Agnes Fulk and younger brother

Clara Agnes Fulk Ritz, the wife of Ben Ritz, with her brother. She was born Oct. 2, 1900 in Elk Creek , Mo. Her parents were James Fulk and Mandy Jane (Jones) Fulk.

She had a twin brother Clarence Fulk. He married Ben's only sister Louisa Ritz.

Clara was Carolyn Ryno's mother. Carolyn's mother wrote to her dad while he was in WW1 in France. He always said he married her the second time he saw her. He came home from the war and rode his horse up to meet her. They married Dec. 22, 1919. He passed away April 10,1971. He was born April 18, 1891. His parents were Charles Jacob Ritz and Sarah Jane (Hadley) Ritz. He was born near Prescott Mo.

Carolyn's dad and Sarah's dad would have been first cousins. Carolyn Ryno is Sarah's second cousin.

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