Its amazing to enjoy pleasure with your partner. Whether nighttime, daytime or during your busy time. One stat mentioned over 224 to 30 times in a day both men and women think about sex. It's statistics based on a survey. But I hope it's more than that. Don't turn your finger on me. I just kidding. But what my unhappy thing is how many of them reach their orgasm and get a satisfied sex every time they involved with their loved one. That is the biggest question and the answer is yours.

Tantric Sex - Ancient Sex Approach

So that I introduce Tantric Sex to the world. It's an ancient way to approach sex as a godly one. Yes Iam not joking. They treat their partner to worship their whole body and reach their loved one. That way of orgasm is also called a Tantric Orgasm. In this modern world you can use variety of sex toys to make it ease. Here I mentioned the best way to use Magic wand vibrator. Just go through it. How to use magic wand vibrator like a Sex Expert Al look some Amazing Articles that I mentioned in the Sex Toys blog.


How to Arouse Your Partner


Iam not taking about the way your do your foreplay. No not that mean. How to approach your partner for the first time. It is very useful for beginners you involve in sex life. Your sex life is completely differ from the movies that you watched during teen age. Real life totally different from the fantasy reaction for what you watched. I have explain in detail for what are the best positions that suits you and how to do tantric sex positions during your lovemaking time.


Connection between Breathing and Orgasm


In sex breathing plays a major role to enjoy your pleasure and split it towards your lovemaking journey. Breathing not only gives your body nice feel during your bedtime too. It is the best way to stay long time on bed with your partner and give a satisfied sex life. Normally no one explained the relationship between breathing and body reaction. They simply want to sell their junk tablets to you. You not even think about the side effects of each one while taking before or whole month to enhance your sex life. For more details and know much more about your sex life just look our amazing sex toys blog.