Computer Repairs

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Contact : Er. Rahul Sapre    982 66 77 542

<< Service and Repair >>
We provide on-site service to repair and fix all PC problems at your home or office. Its simple, if we can't repair it, its not worth repairing. All repairs come with a warranty and a very reasonable price to ensure that our customers have peace of mind with service and support before and after repair. We strive for excellence and will only leave satisfied customers.

<< Computer Maintenance >>
When properly maintained, many PC problems can be prevented. Never take computer servicing for granted. When you go on vacation, send your PC down and let us service it, when you get back it will be ready to go.

<< Software/Hardware Upgrades >>
We also provide the facility of upgrading the computer system. Don't spend money buying a new system when your existing system just needs an upgrade. Give us a call, and we will do the rest. By upgrading the computer system, you can protect yourself from owning under utilized systems. We provide PC  software/hardware installation, operating system installation or upgrade, memory upgrades, storage upgrades, printer and digital camera setups, firewalls, security, etc.

<< Data Recovery/Backup >>
Disasters can happen. If you are suddenly faced with a crashed hard drive or a stolen computer, will you have a backup of all your data? Many people never think about backups until it's too late. Cyberways can provide a detailed disaster recovery plan to protect your data and minimize your downtime. We provide data recovery from crashed hard drives, CDs, disks and tapes. We can help with lost passwords and repair corrupted files, emails and databases. Not all data is recoverable, please call for details.

<< Spyware Removal >>
Spyware has become a huge nuisance and may be also be threat to your privacy. Spyware refers to programs that are put on your computer (usually without your knowledge or hidden within free software you downloaded) to secretly gather information about you and relay it to advertisers or other interested parties. This can cause your computer to become unstable - symptoms include excessive popup windows, your Internet homepage may change by itself, and your computer runs very slow and gives you a lot of error messages. We can remove all traces of spyware and ad-ware and restore your computer to its original state without the need to reinstall windows.

<< Virus and Firewall Protection >>
Viruses are a common, daily occurrence and if you aren't protected your computer can come to a screeching halt. Anti-virus software should be a mandatory part of your computer system so make sure you're protected. However, if you are infected, we can help. We guarantee that we can remove all viruses and restore your system to working order!

<< Networking >>
If you need a home or small office network installed, or your network is having trouble then please call us. We install and configure network printer, Internet Connection sharing.

GIVE US A CALL 24/7 SHOULD THE NEED ARISE.                    

Contact :  Er. Rahul Sapre 982 66 77 542