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Waffle Kids

This marvelous mix of friends live in Pancake Town. Waffle is good at back handsprings. Biscuit loves to play sports. Muffin's specialty is making pancakes. Cookie is the stylish one. Tuffy is a chatterbox. Fritter is the baby... and Pistachio is the romantic.

Warau Onna

Suddenly appearing in the midst of the crowd with a loud "ha! ha! ha!" is certainly a good way to earn the name Warau Onna (laughing girl). Warau Onna's cheer is infectious, and she spreads smiles wherever she goes. Among her many happy, happy friends are Saru Zou,the monkey and Kappa Kichi, the kappa.

We Are Dinosaurs

A mighty friendly bunch of beasts from the Jurassic jungle:
Tyranno can be a bit rash at times, but the others depend on his strength when it comes down to the crunch.
Brachy loves to take long, lumbering walks (he's so huge, he can't take short strolls!) and dine on the leaves at the very tip-tops of the trees.
Stego has a weakness for flowers and other cute things. Even with all that armor plate, he's such a softy at heart!

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Wee Mary-Lou

Wee and kind, Mary-Lou loves ribbons and bows--especially the big one she always wear tied at the back! Mary-Lou can usually be found in the company of the ribbon fairy or her white puppy friend.

Winki Pinki

Winki Pinki is a cute, girl kitten. She was born right when the tulips were starting to bloom making her love flowers and nature dearly. Her best friends are the flowers in the garden, the fish in the nearby pond, and the terrier. Winki Pinki likes to walk with the terrier in the gardens. She is cheerful and loves to dress-up, draw, and have wonderful parties with the flowers.

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