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Napisute Shonheyoukoso

No official info on these characters as yet. They were found in a flash presentation at www.sanriowave.com. I like their style though -- very original and cute!

Nemukko Nyago

Born: May 25

Nyago is a sweet little boy tabby cat whose favorite activity is sleeping. Nyago's most cherised possesion is his super-soft, cloud-like cushion. He is very easy-going and tries not to worry too much about the small things in life. In the short time when Nyago isn't napping, you may find him casually looking for friends to lie around with.

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Nezumi Kozou

Born: March 3

Mild-mannered Chu-kichi is, in fact, the dynamic, dazzling Nezumi Kozou! His dedication to dango-making, and to his best friend Kiku-chan, is legendary.


Born: November 19

Kuro (Blackie) is the leader (He thinks so, anyway). He likes to snuggle down in cozy places.
Tora (Stripes) is second in command. He's the most adventurous of the three.
Third, but not last, Mi-Ke(Patches) is the darling of the feline trio. She has a weakness for homemade sweets...

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Five frolicking, mischievous kittens that are sure to tug at your heartstrings! Nya has four paws firmly planted on the ground, Ni loves to nibble marshmallows,Nyu has a weakness for warm milk, Nye wants to grace the catwalk as a fashion model someday, and Nyon thinks only of the delicious pranks that can played on a rainy day!

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