New Kids On the Block
Three 2007 Cosmos Daughters
L to R:
Charmaigne, Nicki and Sky
Nicki and Cameo checking out the new Hay Barn
They have all decided to check  out the new Hay Barn
The  2008 Sand-Bur-Kids
Bob Koosko the  Guard Llama doing a great job of Guarding all the girls!
Thank You
Sharon McCoy for this Sweet additon to our Herd
Yee-Haw its Fun In the Sun!!
Charmaigne X Skater Doe Kid
Rosetta X Clyde Doe Kid)
(Charmaigne X Skater Buck Kid
Rosetta X Clyde Buck Kid)
Clarissa X Skater Buck Kid
The 2009 Babies are starting to arrive at the
Sand-Bur-Kids Ranch
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