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The Two Legged Kids
Kaylee you are busted,
get off that Lamb-Bar
Grandma with Keeva & Jayda
Jayda with one of the Goat Babies
Colten and Absolute
Kaylee sharing secrets with
one of the big girls
Keeva petting one of the Babies
Jayda and Keeva feeding babies
Jayda giving the baby a Kiss Goodnight
Keeva holding one of the Babies
Jayda & Keeva talking to the Goats
Grandma with Colten & Kaylee
The New Up and Coming Showgirls
for the Sand-Bur-Kids  Nubians
Keeva with Grand Champion
Jayda with Reserve Grand Champion
"Sand-Bur-Kids CC Yvette"
Moses Lake, WA. 2008
Jayda Showing Rosetta at Moses Lake
Keeva Showing a Alpine for Dar Addington at Moses Lake, WA. 2008
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