UI/UX Designer,Web Designer,Graphic Designer,Visual Designer

Name: Samuel Zanin

Profile: Designer


UI/UX Design 85%
Graphic Design 80%
Visual Design 80%
Web Design 90%
About me

I love working in a creative field with others that can bring strong critique as well as laugh at the latest meme. I thrive on the challenge of leading interaction and visual design efforts with product and development staff toward results that meet business and UX goals. I strive to take every opportunity to grow through others, trainings, industry events and online resources.

I continually test emerging tools and methods to find the most effective workflow. After years of designing and developing the interwebs, I specialize in Visual, UI/UX, Graphic, and Web Design. My days are lived in sketches, flows, wireframes, mockups, wiki pages, test results, and of course Web Inspector. I admire multi-device strategy, design thinking, user testing, agile dev, and lean UX. I avoid vague meetings, hasty reactions and deadly scope creep.


Web Design. Visual Design. Concept Design. Graphic Design. Client Branding.

UI Design

Designing the visuals of a website can be a little tricky. UI design specilizes in creating the visual design of apps, websites, and other applications.

Web Design

I have designed websites from templates and from scratch. Using langauges such as HTML 5, CSS, and Javascript, web design is the guts to what the viewer sees on any website.


Recently, I have taken to photography and worked on the ins and outs of capturing moments through the lens.

Responsive Design

Considering most people visit websites on their mobile devices, it is important to have a website that can adapt to any sized screen. A website that responds to any screen size is a huge step in creating a modern aesthetic.

Graphic Design

I have been in the graphic design field for most of my career. Graphic design is a way to communicate a message to multiple social groups and it is important to get it just right.

UX Design

User Expierence is the study of the psychology of the viewer. Taking data, stats, notes, and interviews or surverys is the best way to find out how to give the viewer the best experience possible.


Web Design. Visual Design. Concept Design. Graphic Design. Client Branding.

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