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Why Can't I breed Just Pets?
The best possible pets come from the highest quality dogs. Dogs that are 
bred to their standard, have all health test done and who's temperaments are 
superior. When a person who shows dogs breeds a litter, only a couple of 
those puppies will ever make it into a show ring. And not because their that 
much more superior than the other puppies, but because of what a breeder is 
looking for specifically. The rest of the litter is sold into "pet" homes. 
These are the best possible pet quality dogs. Dogs who have generations of 
hip clearances, eye clearances, thryroid checks, elbow clearances etc. The 
breeder knows just about each and every dog in that pedigree. They can tell 
you what they looked like, how they looked structually, what their 
personalities were like and their temperaments.

I don't know of one
"pet" breeder who can do that. Pet breeders also never 
want to put the health testing necessary into their programs. It's extremely 
costly and their after the big bucks! The reason "show" ring conformation is 
always mentioned before breeding an animal is to get that person to have the 
dog evaluated. Let mentors who know the breed inside out look at the dog and 
examine it. If someone is so sure their "pet" is of excellent quality to 
breed, then this should not bother them. They should have all the confidence 
in their "pet" and that they meet the standard written for their respective 
breed. Only after careful examination by "experts" can anyone know if their 
dog truly is a breedable specimen. We owners tend to get "kennel blind" we 
all think our pet is the best. A second & third opinion is detrimental to 
producing only high quality animals.

And remember responsible quality breeders NEVER make money at breeding dogs. 
In fact they lose money. Others say "why do it then?". Because their 
beliefs and ideas are only to produce the best possible specimen of their 
breed they can, no matter at what the financial cost. 

These are the true "guardians" of a breed. They breed from the heart - not 
the pocketbook.

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