Promise Samoyeds Favorite Links

These are some of our most favorite links for information and other Ideas. If you would like to have a link to your website placed on here, contact us and we will see what you have to offer.

Information on the Samoyed:
The Samoyed Homepage -
The Samoyed by Kent & Donna Dannen -
Samfans ( An internet Samoyed discussion group) -

Friends Pages ( more to come in the future):
WhiteStar Samoyeds -
Samoyeds of Avalanche -
Silverfox Samoyeds -
Samoyeds from Around the World -

Rescue organizations:
Samoyed Rescue -
Samoyed Lost & Found -
Canadian Samoyed Rescue -

National clubs:
Samoyed Club of America -
Samoyed Association of Canada -
The American Kennel Club -

Fun Stuff & training:
Organization for the Working Samoyed -
Agility -
The Dog Agility Page ( really cool nice lots of links!) -
The Flyball Page ( fun sport! check it out!) -
The Monks of New Skete ( their methods are soft, perfect touch for Samoyeds) -

Pedigree Programs:
 The Breeders Standard 2000 
by Man's Best Friend Software
 ( what we use here at Promise Samoyeds, great 
program!) -

Samoyed Art:
Terrific site for Samoyed pictures! She makes paintings from your photographs.

Samoyed Art by Angi Laframboise ( check out "Samoyed Sled Scene by Angi those
are our dogs!) -

Samoyeds - Cowboy, Allie, and Sheena .
Copyright 1998, Angi Laframboise


Art Designs Studio
Fine Art Dog Prints By L.S.Irish
Dog Art At It's Finest!


Supplies for weight pulling, sledding, backpacking etc.:
Everything Husky -
WhitePine Outfitters -
Nordkyn Outfitters -


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