Diapers  (m/f, M/m)

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Disclaimers: This is a work of fiction. All characters are invented.  Any resemblance to any real person is coincidental and unintended.


This story depicts the spanking of children in a loving parental context.  It also depicts the use of diapers by characters older than usual.  It should not be read by anyone distressed by or unwilling to read such content.  This story, while not sexually explicit, is intended for an adult audience.


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Chapter one


Jessie lived with her two brothers, her mother and father, in a nice-sized colonial house.  Jessie was 5.  She was in kindergarten.  She had a little brother, Mikey, who had just turned 3, and an older brother, Joey, who was 12.  Joey and Jessie were both very mature.  Sometimes Jessie’s mommy let Joey watch his brother and sister when she went out.  She trusted him completely.  He was very smart and responsible.  Jessie was responsible also.


Jessie’s parents were always saying how proud they were of Jessie and Joey.  Both kids had toilet trained at the age of 2.  That’s why they couldn’t understand why Mikey was still in diapers.  They tried everything they could, but Mikey would not give up his diapers.


Jessie was jealous of Mikey.  She wasn’t sure why, but something about being babied appealed to her.  Her mom carried Mikey around everywhere and was always oohing and ahhing over him.  No one oohed and ahhed over Jessie anymore, except about her schoolwork.  And her schoolwork didn’t consist of much; letters, numbers, colors, and shapes.  Jessie was already bored with it.  If her parents had been paying any attention to her, they would have skipped her to first grade. 


But sometimes not being paid much attention came in handy.  Like when her friends were playing outside and it was raining, Jessie would go out with them.  Her mom wouldn’t even notice.  And she didn’t get into trouble when she came home soaking wet, because her mom was too busy with the ‘baby’.


Joey noticed though.  Jessie snuck into the house and crept up the stairs.  Joey popped his head out of his room where he was always working.  “Jessica! You’re soaked! Where have you been?”


Jessie looked at her big brother.  “I was playing in the rain with my friends.”


“I see,” he said.  “Well you better get out of those wet clothes before Mom and Dad see you.”


“Yeah,” Jessie said.  She headed for her room, hoping her brother wouldn’t follow her.  But he did.


“Jessie?” he asked, concerned.


“Yeah?” she said, peeking out of her mostly closed door.


“Come out here, please,” Joey requested.


“KIDS!” their mom yelled upstairs.


“Yeah?” “Yes?” they both said at the same time.


“I’m running to the store.  I’ll bring Mikey with me,” their mom said.


Okaaaay!” they both yelled back.


She turned to go back into her room, but Joey reached out his arm and stopped her.  She looked at him, very impatiently.  “What?” she said, nastily.


“Jessie, what’s that smell?” he asked, looking down at his little sister.


“What smell?” she tried.  She turned away, hoping Joey wouldn’t find out.


He grabbed her then, and pushed her into the bathroom.  He yanked down her pants and panties and there it was…poop smushed into her panties.  Jesssie!” he said sharply.


She looked at the poop and then at the floor.  She just couldn’t look up into his face…what would he say?


Joey got down on his knees, and made Jessie look at him.  “Was this an accident, little sister?” he asked carefully.


Jessie thought about it.  What should she say? She had never had an accident in her life.  Everything she did, everything she said, she knew exactly what she was doing.  She looked up at her brother; he was shaking his head.  He was disappointed in her.


She decided on the truth.  “I did it on purpose, Joey,” she admitted.


Joey sighed.  He pulled her pants and panties off all of the way, dumped the poop into the toilet and threw the soiled clothes into the tub.  He grabbed some toilet paper and cleaned her off the best he could.  He filled the tub halfway up.  “Get in!” he ordered.


Jessie did as her big brother said.  He took a washcloth, wet it, and put some soap on it, and cleaned her off.  “Sit down and wash that soap off,” he told her, washing out her panties and pants.


“Why would you do this?” he asked his little sister.


She shrugged.  “I dunno,” she said.


“You do know, and I want you to tell me right now,” Joey said, lifting his sister out of the tub.  Jessie was enjoying being taken care of like this; she had missed it.


Joey dried Jessie off and walked her not to her own room, but to his.  He pointed to his bed.  “Sit down.”


Curiously, Jessie obeyed.  She had no idea what her brother was up to.  Joey looked way back into his closet.  Jessie watched him.  He turned to look at his little sister, sitting there naked but wrapped up in a towel on his bed.


You going to tell me why you did that, Jessica?”


“I just wanted to, Joe,” she admitted, “to see what it would be like.”


“Hmm,” Joey said.  “I guess I could understand that.  And did you like it, Jessie?”


Nervously, Jessie nodded her head.  She had liked it.  Had liked the idea of just making in her pants instead of going inside to use the toilet.  She liked the feeling when the poop filled up her panties, and smooshed against her bottom; she didn’t know why.


Just thinking about it gave Jessie weird feelings.  She put her hand on her little hole.  Joey looked at her.  “Do you have to go pee pee, Jessie?”


Jessie nodded.  Joey nodded, too, and said, “Okay.”


He brought something over to the bed.  Jessie looked at it curiously.  It was a diaper, but a much bigger diaper than Mikey wore.  It looked to be about her size.


“Lay down, little sister,” he told her.


Jessie lay down.  Joey put the diaper under her bottom, pulled it through her legs and taped it closed around her.  “Go ahead; do your pee-pee.”


“Really? Here?” she asked, not quite believing it.


“Sure, that’s what a diaper is for.”


Jessie was so excited; she peed into the diaper.  She waited about five minutes and then peed again.  She threw her arms around her big brother and hugged him tight.  “I love it, Joe!” she said.


Joey smiled.  “I figured you would.”


“You’re not gonna tell Mommy what I did, are you?” Jessie asked.


“No,” Joey said.  “And don’t you tell Mommy about the diaper, either.  That’ll just be our little secret, when we’re alone.  Okay?”


Jessie nodded.  She peed into the diaper again.  “It’s getting kinda wet, Joey,” she told him.


“Okay, Jess, I’ll change you.  I’m also going to spank you for what you did before.”


“Spank me? WHY?” Jessie asked.


She almost never got spanked.  Sometimes her daddy spanked her if she got on his nerves, but not too often.


“Because what you did was naughty, and you know it,” Joey said.  “And because I’m older than you, and you have to do what I say.  Got it?”


Jessie nodded.  “I guess so.”


Joey pulled off Jessie’s diaper.  He took a baby wipe and wiped her clean.  He looked at her.  “Go to your room, get your pajamas and your hairbrush.”


Jessie did as her brother told her to.  When she was back in his room, he sat down on the bed, and pulled her over his lap.  He raised his hand and brought it down on her bottom, over and over.  {Smack!} {Smack!}


Owwww!” she cried.  That really hurt.


{Smack!} {Smack!} {Smack!} {Smack!} {Smack!} {Smack!} {Smack!} {Smack!}

“What you did was naughty, Jessica Lynne.  {Smack!} {Smack!} You know better than to poop into your panties.” {Smack!} {Smack!} {Smack!} {Smack!}


Owwwwwwww!” she cried.  “I’m sorry, Joey!”


“You should be,” he told her.  “Next time you want to poop somewhere, you go in the potty or in a diaper,” he said, laughing.  Then he let his sister up.  She cried for a few minutes, but he soon wiped her tears away and kissed her all up til she smiled.


She looked at him.  “You mean that, Joey? I can poop in a diaper, and you’ll change me?”


“Sure,” he said.  “But it has to be when Mommy isn’t home.  She wouldn’t understand, Jessie.”


“I know,” Jessie said.  She couldn’t wait for the next time her mom went out.


Chapter two


Jessie ran up to her brother’s room.  Joeeee!  Joeeeyyyy! Open up!” she shouted.


He opened the door.  “What’s wrong?” he asked, looking around.  “Where’s Mommy?”


“She went out.  Mikey’s sleeping,” she explained, running into her brother’s room and looking wildly around.


“What’s a matta, Jessie?” he asked.


“Joey, I need a diaper.  Fast!” Jessie cried.


“You do? For what?” Joey asked, mildly amused.


“You knowwwww, Joey.  Pleeeease!” she begged.


Joey went to get his sister a diaper.  He had gone to buy her her own size and kept it stashed in his closet.  His mother and father never went into his room, let alone his closet.


“Tell me what you’re going to do in this diaper, Jessie,” he said, holding it up above her head.


Jessie was now jumping up and down.  Joeyyyyy, I have to peeee,” she said.


“So go, the bathroom’s right across the hall,” he teased.


“Joey, puh lease?” Jessie asked, pouting a little.  It had become very important to her to use the diapers.  She enjoyed it so much.  Every day when their mom went out, Jessie would go up to Joey’s room and make in a diaper.  Then he would change her.  She found herself holding in going to the bathroom waiting to go in a diaper.  She had become very dependent on this little ritual.  Joey just couldn’t take it away from her now.


Joey stood there waiting and deciding.  Jessie knew her big brother held the key to her relief.


“If you don’t give me that diaper, Joe, I’m gonna make a puddle on your floor,” she warned.


Joey laughed and finally put the diaper down on the bed.  “Okay, come on, you!” he said.


Jessie climbed up and lay on the diaper.  Joey secured it around her and taped it closed.  Jessie felt like a dam ready to explode and instantly wet the diaper.  Relief washed over her and she smiled at her big brother.  “Thank you,” she said.


“You’re welcome,” he said.


They talked and played a game.  A little while later, Jessie held her brother’s hand and squeezed.  Her bowel muscles had loosened and soon she filled her diaper.  She sat in it for a little while.  But then a look up at the clock told both of them he had better change her.  In all the time they’d been doing this, they hadn’t been caught yet, and they didn’t want to start now.


“Will you change me, big brother?” Jessie asked him.


“Don’t I always?”  He pointed to the bed.  Jessie climbed up and lay down on the pad her brother had put down.  He went to get wipes and her panties.  It was too bad Jessie couldn’t wear diapers all the time.  She wanted to so badly.


Joey opened the diaper and let out a “Pheewww, that stinks, little sister.”  Jessie giggled.  He took the clean part of the diaper and wiped away most of the poop.  He then reached for some wipes.


They heard a sound and kind of jumped.  It seemed too early for their mother to be home.  Before they could finish what they were doing and go to investigate it, the door burst open.  Joey stopped what he was doing and turned to look.  It was worse than their mother coming home; it was their father.


“What on earth is going on in here?” he boomed.


Joey hurriedly finished cleaning Jessie and put all the dirty wipes into the dirty diaper.  Jessie quickly stood up and looked at her daddy.  Joey put the dirty diaper into the diaper genie he had gotten and wiped his hands on a clean baby wipe.  He, too, looked at his daddy.


“Well?” he asked, hands on his hips.


Jessie bit her lip.  She was trembling.  She finally spoke up.  “I asked Joey to put a diaper on me, Daddy,” she said, taking all the blame.  “And when I pooped into it, I asked him to change me.”


“Like a baby, Jessica Lynne?”


“Yes, sir,” she said.  “I’m sorry.”


Their daddy shook his head.  “I don’t understand this.  Not at all.  Where is your mother? Does she know what you two are up to?  And where is Mikey?”


Mikey.  Oh shoot; they had forgotten about him.  “He’s in his bed, sleeping.  I’ll go get him,” Joey said, eager to get out of the room.


“NO, I’ll get him.  You two just stay right there,” their father said.


When he left the room, Jessie and Joey just stared at each other.  Neither of them knew what to say.


Their daddy came back holding a sleepy Mikey.  He put Mikey on the floor.  Mikey immediately went over and climbed up on Joey’s bed.  Naked from the waist down, Jessie fidgeted from foot to foot.  It was so quiet in the room; it scared her.  After a few minutes, Jessie climbed up on the bed next to Mikey and waited for her daddy to say something.


James sighed again, long and loud.  “I really don’t know what you two were thinking, but I don’t like it one bit.  You’re both going to be punished, right now.”  He turned to Jessie.  “Go to your room.  I’ll be right in, young lady.”


Jessie got up, tears starting to fall down her face.  “Yes, sir.”


Joey looked up at his father.  He wanted to say something but he had no idea what.  “Daddy, I’m sorry,” he finally said.


His father just sighed again.  “Take down your pants, young man,” he told Joey.


Joey looked at his dad.  “Okay, sir, let me just go to the bathroom.  I’ll be right back.”


“No, young man.  I said now.”


Joey hesitated.  He didn’t want his father to see what he was wearing.  “Please, Daddy, I’ll only be a few minutes.”


“Do I have to do it myself, Joseph Evan?” he asked, starting for Joe’s pants.


“No, Daddy,” he cried.  “I’ll do it.”


His father waited.  Joey sniffled and pulled his pants down.  His father looked at Joey, and what he was wearing, and his mouth dropped open.  “Is that a diaper, young man?” he asked.


Joey nodded.  “Yes, Daddy.”


James sat on the bed next to Mikey, who he had actually forgotten about, since he was so quiet.  He looked up at his son, standing there in a diaper, pants at his ankles.  “I don’t believe this.  First I walk into you changing your 5 year old sister’s diapers, and now I see you wearing one.  For crying out loud, you’re 12 years old, young man.”


Joey started to cry.  “I know, Daddy.  It’s just that, I, well, uh,” he didn’t know what to say.


Daddddy, I thought you were coming right in!” Jessie yelled bursting into Joey’s room.  She stopped, shocked at what she saw.  In all the time that Joey was letting her wear diapers, she had never known that he wore them too.  “Wow!” was all she said.


“Pee-pee!” Mikey yelled.  They all turned to look at him.  He was pointing to his own diaper.


James sighed again.  “Three kids, three kids in diapers, ages 3, 5, and 12.  What’s this world coming to?” he asked but did not expect an answer.  No one said anything for quite a while.  Then finally he turned to Jessie and said, “Go to your room; put on panties and your pajamas and wait for me sitting on your bed.”


“Yes, Daddy,” Jessie said, starting to walk away.


“Wait.  Take Mikey with you,” her father said.


Mikey went to Jessie and took her hand.  They walked quietly out of the room.


“I’m going to punish you now for what I witnessed this afternoon, Joseph.  And then you can explain to me why you’re wearing diapers.  Take it off!” he ordered.


“Yes, sir!” Joey said, pulling off the diaper.  He took a baby wipe and cleaned himself off, then put the wet diaper into the diaper genie.  He stood there waiting for his daddy to tell him what to do next.


James shook his head as if he couldn’t believe what he just saw.  He stood up then and pointed to the bed.  “Lean over the bed, son,” he said, pulling off his belt.


Joey gasped.  It had been quite a while since he had been spanked last, and a very long time since he had gotten a belt whipping.  But he didn’t say a word; just did as his father said.  Joey had almost always been the obedient child anyways.  It really was Jessie who acted up more, and even she was pretty good.


Joey’s dad doubled the belt and raised it high in the air.  He brought it swooping down across his son’s bottom.  {Thwaaaaaaack!} {Thwaaaaaaack!}


Joey jumped.  Ow, that hurt!  But he didn’t start to cry, not yet.


{Thwaaaaaaack!} {Thwaaaaaaack!} {Thwaaaaaaack!} {Thwaaaaaaack!}

James did not lecture; he just kept whipping Joey with his belt.


After about a dozen lashes, he put the belt down.  James sat on the bed and pulled his son across his lap.  He raised his hand high and brought it down on Joey’s already reddish purple bottom.


{Smack! Smack!} “I don’t {Smack!} know {Smack!} what {Smack! Smack!} you and your sister {Smack!} were thinking of, {Smack! Smack!} but I don’t {Smack!} like it {Smack!} at all.  {Smack! Smack!} Not one {Smack!} bit.  {Smack! Smack!} I don’t {Smack!} ever {Smack!} want {Smack!} to witness {Smack!} what I did today, {Smack!} again.  {Smack!} Is {Smack!} that {Smack!} understood, {Smack!} young man?” {Smack! Smack! Smack!}


Owwww, Daddddy, yessss!” Joey cried.  He couldn’t believe he was getting spanked OTK after a belt spanking.  He had never been spanked this hard in his whole life.


James aimed for Joey’s sitspot, which was now turning black and blue.  {Smack!} {Smack!} {Smack!} {Smack!} {Smack!} {Smack!}  Finally he stood Joey up.  He stood up himself and put his belt back on.  Joey stood and cried and rubbed his bottom.  It hurt so much and when he touched it, it was hot.


“I’m sorrrrry, Dadddddy!” Joey cried, sniffling.  “That hurt!”


His daddy nodded.  “Yes, son, it was supposed to hurt.  That’s what punishments are for.  Now you’re usually a very good boy.  Back when I was a kid, I was over my dad’s lap every other day,” he mused.


Joey sniffled and nodded.  He would like to hear about his dad as a kid, but not right then.  Right then he just wanted to be consoled and assured of his father’s love.  But Joey wasn’t sure his daddy loved him anyway.


James sighed.  “Do you want to talk now or do you need some time to calm down?” he asked.


“Now, please,” Joey said.  He still stood, because his father hadn’t said he could sit.


“Okay, son.  Go put on a pair of underwear and come sit down next to me,” his father said gently. 


Joey was surprised at the calmness in his dad’s voice.  Usually he was all cranky and stuff.  Not that they ever really talked.  Joey realized he barely knew his parents at all, and they didn’t know him.  He walked over to his dresser and pulled on a pair of underpants.  The material hurt rubbing against his sore behind.


He then walked over by his dad and carefully sat on the bed.  He grabbed a tissue off the nightstand and blew his nose.  James looked at his son.  “Okay, now tell me why you were wearing that diaper, Joey.”


“Daddy, I’ve been having a problem,” Joey admitted.


James looked at his son and realized how big he had gotten.  He was always so busy and wrapped up in his wife or his job that he hadn’t taken the time to really talk to or listen to his son and daughter.  James vowed then and there to start getting to know his kids.  “What kind of problem, Joseph?” he asked, putting his hand on his son’s shoulder.


Joey didn’t like his dad’s hand there, but he thought he was trying so he did not push it away.  It felt weird for James, too, but he wanted his son to know he cared, even if he hadn’t ever been able to show it before this time.


Joey started to cry again and he couldn’t stop.  Every time he tried to say the words to explain to his daddy what had been happening to him, he broke down in sobs.  James didn’t know what to do.  Finally not being able to stand it any longer, Joey leaned over and cried into his daddy’s chest.  It was hard for James, but he managed to put his arms around his son and hold him.  It was a tender moment.


James held Joey for a long time.  He rubbed his back and said soothing things.  Joey wished he could have tape-recorded it to play it back another day.  After a while, James gently pushed Joey away from his chest.  He gave him another tissue and watched as his son blew his nose.


“Okay now, listen to me, son.  I know I don’t say it often enough, but I want you to know, that I love you very much.”


You could have knocked Joey over with a feather; he was so surprised.  He looked at his daddy.  “You do?” he asked.


“Of course I do.  I love all you kids.  And I’m going to start saying it more often so you all know it.  I do love you very much and I care about you.  I want to know what your problem is, and I want to help if I can,” James declared.


Joey didn’t know why but he actually believed his father meant what he said.  Maybe he just hadn’t known before how to show his love.  Joey decided then and there that he would share with his dad just what had been going on.


“Daddy, I have a problem,” Joey began.  “I can’t make it to the bathroom when I have to pee.  I try really hard but I can’t do it.  I started wetting my pants like every day.  I had to hide it, from my friends, my teachers, you and Mom, everyone.  So I finally bought some diapers in my size off the Internet.  Since starting to wear them, I don’t have to worry about getting to the bathroom on time, or being embarrassed and stuff.”


Joey was out of breath.  He had never told anyone any of this.  He had been hiding this for a very long time.


James was shocked.  He couldn’t believe this had been happening to his own son and he didn’t even know it.  He felt ashamed of himself.  “When? When did this start happening?”


“Umm,” Joey tried to think.  “It’s been over a year.  I think right before I turned eleven, Daddy.”  Joey had just turned 12 the month before.  They had had a big celebration at their grandparents’ country club, but it hadn’t been that fun, not for Joey anyway.


James put his arm around Joey’s shoulders.  “I’m sorry, son, that this has been happening to you.  And I’m sorry you had to deal with it on your own.  But I think I understand why you didn’t tell your mom and I.  We’re going to help you, honey.  We’ll take you to the doctor and try to find out why this is happening.  Okay?”


Joey nodded.  He was in such shock; he couldn’t speak.  He hugged his daddy tight and said, “Thank you, Daddy.  I love you.”


James stayed with his son for a little big longer.  Then he went to check on Jessie.  He heard footsteps downstairs and realized his wife had come home.  He didn’t want to spring all this on her just yet.  He peeked into Jessie’s room.  The little girl lay on her bed, in her sleepers, asleep, clutching her teddy bear.  James realized their talk could wait a while.  He went downstairs to help with dinner.


To be continued…(someday I hope)

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