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CRISPINO is a worldwide name.   It is difficult to determine whether the Crispino surname originated in Spain or in Italy.    The Crispino surname can be descriptive of a personal trait such as curly hair, it can be a name taken in honor of Saint Crispin or it can be from a place name (one example: Mt. Crispino).

Today, the Crispino surname can be found in Italy, Spain, France, (through out the European continent), the United States of America, Canada, the Philipines, in Central and in South America.    During my research of past civil records and from recent contact with Crispino descendants worldwide, I have found some spelling variations; Crispina, Crispini, Crespino, Crespi, Crispi, Crispiano, Crispano, Crispeno and Di Crispino.

Through interviews and civil records, I have found that descendants of the Crispino surname (of Calabria, Italy) migrated to:
Crispino Maida and Cortale
Catanzaro, Calabria, Italy
Iacurso [Jacurso],
Catanzaro, Calabria, Italy
Crispino Iacurso [Jacurso],
Catanzaro, Calabria, Italy
New York, West Virginia,
and Maryland, USA
Crispino Falerna,
Catanzaro, Calabria, Italy
Virginia, USA
Crispino _____,
_____, Calabria, Italy
New York, USA and Ontario, Canada
Crispeno[Crispino] _____,
_____, Calabria, Italy
Pennsylvania, USA and Maryland, USA

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I welcome messages from all Crispino descendants around the world especially those from families originating from the Calabria region of Italy. - Cindy


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Please help me to reconstruct the Italian Crispino genealogy through this descendants information form.  Crispino is such a widespread surname that I will limit this form to those Crispino descendants who believe their families were from the Calabria, Italy.  This information is sent to me in an email format and is not displayed on the website.)
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