This site is about the couple Sakura and Syaoran in the series Card Captor Sakura. It is made by CLAMP who also made other anime called Magic Night Rayearth, Chobits *hugs Chobits*, X *hugs X*, Campus Class detectives, etc.

CCS: A Shrine to Sakura and Syaoran
Disclaimer- I figured I needed one of these since people are e-mailing me about how they love my show. So here it is! Loud and Clear! CCS and it's characters do NOT belong to me. They belong to CLAMP, a wicked group of 4 artists that deserve all the credit!

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February 2, 2008- I noticed that a few people have joined my notifylist recently even though I haven't really updated this page in years. Anyway, I have put up a chapter of False Identity up on under the name "sakurafans". At the very least, I'm gonna try to update it on this site- I'm just having trouble remembering HTML hahaha... might have to study it a bit if I have any plans to update anything!

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