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"Another anime classic that just didn't get recognition in the states"

Sailormoon tells the story of Serena, a regular 14-year-old girl destined to become Sailormoon. Serena was brought to Earth after Queen Beryl caused a disastarous incident on the Moon Kingdom during Serena's peaceful times as the Moon Princess. However, when Serena was brought to Earth, she was brainwashed by Serena's Mother with the hope that Serena would find peaceful times on Earth. Luna, a talking cat and Serena's close companion, has to bring Serena's memory back as bad occurances begin to happen.

The Sailormoon series has a gigantic library of music CDs so you could imagine that there's some pretty good music. Although, the music is nothing to brag about (like Escaflowne), there are plenty of well above average songs (believe me, I've listened to almost all of them!). The music are a nice complement to the well drawn graphics of Sailormoon.

The entire Sailormoon series does have its ups and downs (due to a change of producer during the "SuperS" season), but nonetheless Sailormoon is a classic that's up there with Escaflowne and Dragon Ball Z. So my biggest complaint with be regarding the "downs" since the Sailormoon series does seem to drag on a bit at times. The bottomline is, Sailormoon is just one of those series that has a huge impact on anime everywhere. For those people who think Sailormoon looks "girly" or plain ol' "dumb." Please don't... give it a chance... you might be surprised with what you see.

Final Score: 9.2 out of 10

For all you newbies out there, the history of Sailormoon in the states goes as follows. In 1996, the UPN network began airing Sailormoon shortly after they took Ronin Warriors off the air. There was much plublicity, but Sailormoon never got really popular. However, Sailormoon gathered enough fans to produce a battle to keep Sailormoon on the air. One of the reasons for Sailormoon's removal at UPN (at a dramatic turning point too by the way!) was a huge issue regarding the introduction of the sailor scouts, Neptune and Uranus. They were two women that had a "close" relationship. Another reason for UPN to take it off because the show was supposedly targeting younger audiences, but a lot of webpages said (and this was true by the way) the show was reaching a more mature audience. So soon afterwards, SOS (Save Our Scouts) formed. An enormous group dedicated to reviving Sailormoon. After a long time and a long list of peititions, Sailormoon was brought to the USA network. Sailormoon didn't last long there but it eventually ended up to where it is found today.... the Cartoon Network. So if anybody wants to know how Toonami came about.. it was because Sailormoon and another show we all know as Dragon Ball Z.  
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