Chi: "If you die too, the futile fighting and suffering will end! For our kingdom's ruler of the galaxy--no! For our ruler of the universe, I must sacrifice that infinite power carried in the Silver Moon Crystal to Shadow Galactica!" (V 18, A 49, p. 44)

Chi and Phi's Garden

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This site contains spoilers of the Sailormoon manga volumes 16, 17, and 18. Translations of the Japanese manga were generously provided by Alex Glover. SailorLethe of the Tomb of the Little Known Senshi has been a huge inspiration for this website. Please, refrain from taking our information or pictures. This means, no plagarism AND the only place here you can possibly take pictures is in the pictures section, but you need to email us about that first. Sailor Chi and Sailor Phi are senshi from the last three volumes of Sailormoon. All Sailormoon characters and items belong to all those respective companies and Naoko Takeuchi, not us. Thank you for reading this. This page was established 6-9-99. This page is copyrighted by Maggie and Steph from 1999 to 2002 and for all the years to come.
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