Where Beauty, Brains, and Athletic performance are all equally important. Breeding for the borzoi that can do it all.
Ryhka is a hobby kennel located in Maryland owned by Diana Darling and Paul Anuta .  We started out in borzoi in 1974 with our foundation bitch (Anastasia of Marzoi J. Khan Am/Can CD, LCM, TT) from the old Trezor/Conomor lines.  Over the past three decades many Ryhka Borzoi have been a force to contend with in the performance venues of lure coursing, straight and oval racing, and even in the open field. We have also had our share of conformation champions, dual champions and many obedience titles.

As a small kennel Ryhka has bred &/or owned the only "eastern" borzoi  (Beata, Aurium, and Neon) to earn the open field titles (CC & CM). Ryhka has bred three of the most performance titled borzoi in the history of the breed (Neon, Phenanthrene, and Charlie) and owned another (Aurium)  Ryhka has also bred the most titled litter (30+ titles from 6 littermates) in the breed history.

Our goal has always been to breed a lovely, conformationally correct, tempermentally sound, performance borzoi that will be able to do any venue the owner is interested in pursuing, whether it is conformation, lure coursing, racing, open field, obedience, agility, or a companion bed/couch warmer.

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                          NEW CONFORMATION CHAMPION
Ryhka borzoi is proud to ANNOUNCE that finally I have shown and earned ALL the points for a conformation championship title on one of my borzoi. Thru the years I have pointed many of my borzoi but never bothered to finish them; finally I decided to have my borzoi shown by other people to their Ch. title.
           NOW I have finished one totally by myself and it sure feels GREAT!
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