40.Stripes Daily: Aa - stripe... load( figures )  1st, A2.. wise E


 Trains Platforms ..copy Bakers

41BLACK Stretch across rainbow  from witch castle where underwood  the pot barer  has tea  I looks over pinks cove in time I see her part  frock in a push for more goals I set a North sledge up she froze.
The pages opened ( inclusive sees )
  one after the 42.other offered light, then suggested a place, she accepted hungering for Blooze
and a telly turn on he asked her too caughtonblugh hovercraft will be the fastest anne aal has 3, or more in a shop  to take
3, or more Baker yuh wizardbe
Gifted [ leggins on ].legs 03,
                            NYLON FEED...
LAZER FEED... 60 iE10/. (2) .. I haven't told you to change wombles occuring.. 20:37:06
1st, little switch/ in the Dark he hears her You didn't tell on me ( she whispers ) no I says and she inched across another word. Till then I expect
little sanity. True toon may be able to hear, see to her ask her to comply in a sensible manor, fruit may expect worship.  
occuring - 18:03:10

  45. Your too late Baker old man., I looked across and saw the case fillin look out heavy and risked another blow before the till

       I heard a little voice this is my till yugh stinking filler what do you think your paying



                                             PAGES EXPERT NIGHTING GALE

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