The Xena:  Warrior Princess
FANtasy Art Gallery

Volume No. 4      Issue No. 1    Spring 2002

This issue's cover picture is "Xena The Movie" by Steven O'Brien. Thank you Steven!


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Jeri "JL" Peterson

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I'll see what changes 2004 brings to this site :D

Steven O'Brien

Betty Bradley

Two beautiful works by Zenobia Queen:>"Eternal Love" and "Xena as Cleopatra"

Two lovely pieces by new XWP FANtasy Gallery Artist Betty Bradley: "Even in Death I Will Never Leave You" and "A Maiolica plate of Gabrielle (unfired)"

Another tender sketch of Gabrielle by Xanthe Lavi called "Flower"

And, this issue's cover art "Xena The Movie" by Steven O'Brien.

Thanks Miguel Cura for letting me use his "What's New" art

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