Shortwave Slow Scan Television from worldwide

Welcome to my SSTV page. Slow scan Television (SSTV) is a communication method mainly used by amateur radio operators on the HF bands. It uses analog (audio) frequency modulation to transmit static pictures as scanlines over the bandwidth of a single SSB channel.

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All the pics you can see on this page is what radio enthusiasts of all cultures and backgrounds transmit by means of their own ham radio or CB equipment. Shortwave communications can travel thousands of miles when good band conditions are met; everyone equipped with a shortwave radio and a computer can receive slow scan pictures from any part of the world. This page shows images received in the North of Italy, around Milan area. Every time I let my receivers run images will be uploaded here once they are received and 'decoded' by software. If you are a radio operator however, bear in mind that a sort of content moderation is applied to all pictures in order to protect children or underaged people. Be considerate and always mind your contents before transmitting. Reception of radio signals is monitored most of the time and nasty images containing explicit nudity or political matters, as well as anything I believe to be obscene will be instantly blocked from being uploaded and displayed on this page. That's all folks, have a good time and spread the word... Let's make SSTV great again!.

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