Grudges of Runescape
This site is temporarily dedicated to the loss of Fisher Mark and his long time apprentice Rs Helper.  Fisher Mark is furiously trying to dig his way out of the black hole after moderator pushed him in when he was fishing, and come to justice with the asswipe that ratted him out as a macro user, Big10fan.
As you can see, Fisher Mark was not a fighter, he was more of a peacekeeper, but overall a healer, a helper and a pioneer of macro users.  He would stand on the docks of Karamja Island fishing tuna and swordfish all night and day which would eventually drop beneath his feet when he couldnt carry anymore, feeding the whole island and keeping them alive and safe.  When Fisher Mark wasn't fishing, he was cooking sardines, shrimp and herring, and building fires for the other players to cook for themselves.  Fisher Mark was not greedy, although he did violate macro laws, it was always with good intentions.  Fisher Mark used to always give away his cooked fish for free because he was not so money greedy to sell them to the store,  and liked to help others.
As you can see in Fisher Mark's inventory of, a net, a fly fishing rod, a fishing rod, a lobster cage, 2260 gold, an apron, a spear, a steel hatchet, 16 tuna, 5 swordfish and a tinderbox, Fisher Mark ONLY used weapons that he needed for his dayjob of fishing and cooking.  Fisher Mark is now down in this "black hole" of nothing, with no trees or entertainment.  The fish is starting to go bad and smell and he has nothing to do with it.  Because of this and the fact that he is starving, he is trying desperately to eat the fish raw.  Fisher Mark may die soon because the raw meat is not good for him but he is so hungry he eats it anyways.  Fisher Mark only kept half of the money he made off fishing and he gave the rest to bums.  He knew a bum named Snaggly in the game and often gave him a few coins here and there.  It is a shame that he cant even use the money that he kept for himself because there is no way to spend it in this pit Fisher Mark likes to call "hell".
Fisher Mark had an aquaintence also by the name of Rs Helper.  He was made to help people with problems in the game.  He tried to help people on the message board because the Moderator rarely answers questions.  As a result of Rs Helper being a helper, he was put into the black hole and soon after killed.  Now Rs Helper does not even have a picture of himself to show.  All we have is memories.
What You Can do....
Although Rs Helper is gone forever, Fisher Mark doesn't have to be.  Please get yourself a spade in the game, or donate 10 gold to Codebluneedl, the leader of this foundation, so he can buy more spades and recruit new diggers.  We really dont know where the "black hole" is, as of yet, but scouring the Runescape world may help.  We are looking for diggers to help us dig into the black hole and rescue Fisher Mark.
On another note, you can try to kill Big10fan (the one who ratted out Fisher Mark for macro usage) or if he's non pk you can try to hack his account and tell me the password and if it works, your in line for a 20k paycheck.

We ask you to bear with us through these trying times.
In beta..... pictures of what Fisher Mark might have looked like when he was in society, fishing, talking and cooking, played by actor Fisher Floyd who looks just like him!
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