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David Ramon Alvarado

Work History

Techint Arg. S.A. (01/1996 - Present)

Techint is the largest EPC firm in Argentina and it operates worldwide, being a major player in South America. It also makes up the main part of Techint Organization that includes Oil Companies and Steel manufacturers all around the world. For more information about Techint S.A. see Major Process and Project engineering assignments have included:

Process Engineer


REPLAN Refinería do Planaltos - Paulinea -Brazil (Petrobrás)

        Diesel Hydrotreatment

        Acid Gas Treatment with Amines

        Hydrogen Generation

        Sulfur Recovery Unit (Claus Method)


RLAM Refinería Landulfo Alves - Bahía - Brazil (Petrobrás)

        Cooling Tower

        Sulfur Recovery Unit (Claus Method)

        Boiler Feed Water Treatment

        In Joint Venture with TOYO.


SIDERCA Steel Manufacturing - Campana - B.A. Argentine

        Modification of the Water Plant Systems

        Basic Design of Phosphating Plant


SIDOR Siderurgica del Orinoco - Ciudad Guayana - Venezuela

        Revamp of a MIDREX complex

        Redesign of the cooling water system

        In Association with MIDREX Corp.


ESSO Campana (Exxon Company in Argentina)

        HRSG Systems Verification

        Waterhammer Calculation

        Desalter Revamping


Bid Process: ANCAP La Teja Refinery – Montevideo - Uruguay

        CCR – Continuous Catalytic Reforming

        Naphtha Hydrotreatment


        Utilities and Offsites

        In Association with ABB Lummus.


YPF Yacimientos Petroliferos Fiscales – La Plata – Argentina

        CCR – Continuos Catalytic Reforming

        Hysorb Process

        Sulfolane Process

        Xylene Splitter

        Isomerization, Crystalization Revamping

        In Association with Snamprogetti – Tecnicas Reunidas

Project Engineer

        Projects:     PETROX Refinery - Talcahuano - Chile

                                Bid process of a MTBE unit


                           Petroquímica Río Tercero - Río Tercero - Cordoba - Argentine

                                Economic Evaluation of a new Meta Toluene Diamine unit


Aerolíneas Argentinas (1988-1995)

System Programmer


MVS/RACF (Security Advisor)

TSO (Maintenance)

ISPF (Programmer)

CONTROL/T Administrator

DFHSM Administrator


High School:                 National School of Commerce Nº5

                                        Gral. Don José de San Martín

                                        Title achieved: Expert in Commerce

University:                     University of Buenos Aires

                                        Engineering College

                                        Title achieved: Chemical Engineer (MS equivalent)

Master's degree:            University of Buenos Aires

                                        Gas and Oil Institute

                                        Title achieved: Gas Engineer(Duration 1 1/2 years)

Engineering College - Chemical Engineering Department

                                        Process Control Digital Systems (dur. 1/2 year)

Other Studies

Project Evaluation Specialization (UBA)-(dur. 1 year)

Business Administration - Instituto de Altos Estudios Empresariales (IAEE)

Reservoir Specialization (Numerical Simulation - UBA)-(dur. 1/2 year)

Heavy Water Project (UBA)-(dur. 1 year)

Heat Recovery Steam Generation - V.Ganapathy (Argentine Petrochemical Institute)

Environmental Impact Evaluation - Atmospheric Dispersion (Arg. Petrochemical Inst.)

Coalescer Filter - Air Filtration (Minocovo S.A.)

Reverse Osmosis, Microfiltration y Nanofiltration (Dow Chemical)

Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers (Alfa Laval)

Other Training



Personal Computers

Mainframes (MVS, TSO, VSAM, etc.)


Intergraph PDS (P&I´s and Equipment),

Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.),

Lotus (Wordpro, Lotus, Freelance, etc.),

Autocad 14 , Mathematica, MathCad, Access, Netscape, Explorer,

Instrucalc, ROPRO (reverse Osmosis)

Simulators: HYSIM, HYSIS, STX, ACX.

Programming Languages:

Visual Basic (OCX and DLL design),

Basic, Fortran, JCL, PLI.



            ENGLISH Fluent both written and oral TOEIC score: 830


            SPANISH Native Speaker


Available upon request


Kung Fu - Wai Kung Pai

Spend a lot of time with my daughters

E-Mail: [email protected]

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