:: Mission ::

-To welcome new students, provide information,
-To unite the students nationally and internationally,
-To show our unique Nepalese culture through out the Russia.

:: Background ::

Nepalese Students' Association Of Russia, is an association of students studying in PFUR, it was reformed in 1997 with the help of the students and the University itself. The student association provides a variety of services, facilities, and programs that meet the needs of the University community. The organization is the recognized means of communication between students of Russia and the academic and administrative authorities of the University. The NSAR provides many opportunities for the students to become active in cultural, social and to develop a wide range of personal interests.

The Association has organized several programs during these years. So far this was only possible by the efforts of the PFUR students, The University, Nepal Russia chamber of commerce and Mitra Kunga. We are looking forward to unite all the students who are currently studying in Russia, and to help the NSAR to achieve its goals.

Nepalese Student's Association of Russia
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