8-9 December, 1994

The National Seminar on Human Rights, held at Gandhi Memorial Hall, Imphal in Manipur State from the 8th to the 9th December, 1994.

After having deliberated upon the Universality, indivisibility and unity of Human Rights as enunciated by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948, re-affirmed by the Teheran Conference of the U.N. in 1968 and also with a concrete programme of action, by the U.N. World Conference on Human Rights held in Vienna in June, 1993.

Having noted the Treaty and U.N. obligations of the union Government of India, which arise out of India's Signing, accession and ratification of several major human Rights Instruments as yet.

Having recorded India's accession to Four Geneva Conventions pertaining to the International Humanitarian Law.

Having appreciated the consistent pro- Human Rights stance of the Indian Supreme Court which have been recorded in some of the Landmark judgements.

- AND -

Also after having witnessed the progressive deterioration of Human Rights in Manipur State since 1949 onwards, which are unambiguously and invariably found in recorded documents and various sources.


1) The Union Government of India and its allied authority concerned be strongly urged upon to immediately repeal and revoke "The Armed Forces(Special Powers) Act. 1958", 'the Punjab Security of State Act, 1953', 'The Terrorist and Disruptive Activities(Prevention) Act, 1987' to start with, from amongst the draconian laws,

2) The Union Home Ministry of India be requested to issue necessary directions to all classifications off law enforcement machineries and the Security forces, to urgently discontinue and halt the different forms of State repression, let loose on the people of Manipur State.

3) The Union and State Governments be prayed to rehabilitate the Human Rights victims of State repression, and immediately remove the Security Forces and Para-Military Forces from the area of Settlement by civilian population and pay compensation to the victims and their surviving family members and punish the official/individuals used by the forces who had committed heinous Human Rights violations in this State.

4) The State Government be asked to take urgent steps so as to install a State Human Rights Commission and State Human Rights Court, under the provisions of the Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993.

5) The Union Government of India be strongly urged upon to allow the 'people of Manipur to exercise their legitimate Right to Self-Determination'.

C H A I R P E R S O N S :

  1. ( Prof. Gangumei Kamei )
  1. (Mangthoi Thamei)
  1. ( Dr. Naorem Sanajaoba )
  1. ( Prof. Ksh. Bimola)
  1. ( Dr. L. Pardesi )

Endorsed and approved by :-

THE MANIPURI MASS - At Mapal Kangjeibung, Imphal.
  On 10th December, 1994.
  Chairperson : (R.K. Madhurjit Sana)


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