Whereas the State of Manipur has recently been in armed rebellion against the authority of Her Majesty the Queen, Empress of India; and whereas, during such rebellion, Her Majesty's Representative and other officers were murdered at Imphal on the 24th of March last; and whereas, by Proclamation bearing date the 19th April, 1891, the authority of the Regent, Kula Chandra Singh, was declared to be at an end, and the administration of the State was assumed by the General Officer Commanding Her Majesty's forces in Manipur territory:

It is hereby notified that the Manipur State has become liable to the penalty of annexation, and is now at the disposal of the Crown:

It is further notified that Her Majesty the Queen, Empress of India, has been pleased to forego Her right to annex Her Indian Dominions the territories of the Manipur State ; and has graciously assented to the re-establishment of native rule under such conditions as thee Governor-General in Council may consider desirable, and in the person of such ruler as the Governor-General in Council may select.

Her Majesty has been moved to this act of clemency by the belief that the punishment inflicted upon the leaders of the revolt, together with the imposition upon the State of suitable conditions of regrant, will afford an adequate vindication of Her authority.

The Governor-General in Council will make known hereafter the name of the person selected to rule the State, and the condition under which he will be invested with power.

H. M. Durand,
Secretary to the
Government of India.


Published and Maintained by the Department of Communication & Publicity,
Revolutionary People's Front, Manipur 1998-2002

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