Prof. (Dr.) Satyaban Jena

Professor of Utkal University

PhD: Utkal University

Postdoctorate: University of Leeds, UK

                     : Maxwell's Institute, UK


Research Area: Synthetic Organic Chemistry


B.Sc. (Hons.)                           1975                             University Topper  (First Class  with Distinction)                                             
M.Sc. 1977 University Topper (Gold Medalist)
Ph.D 1984 Utkal University
Lecturer 1979-81 G M College Sambalpur
Lecturer 1981-85 Ravenshaw College, Cuttack
Lecturer 1985-86 Utkal University
Sr. Lecturer 1986-91 Utkal University
Reader 1991-99 Utkal University
Professor 1999-2014 Utkal University
Postdoctorate 1989

University of Leeds, UK

Maxwell's Institute, UK



 Head Chemistry        2002-2004                               Utkal University                          
 Head Chemistry  2009-2011   Utkal University 
 Professor–in-Charge of Research & Development  2009-2014  Utkal University 

Foreign Visit:  

  1. University of Leeds, UK
  2. Maxwell's Institute, UK
  3. Maryland University USA
  4. Cornell University USA
  5. Rutgers University USA
  6. Princeton University USA
  7. New Jersy Institute of Technology USA
  8. Massachutsetts University of Technology USA
  9. Several  University of China  by 9th mission of Hiher Education, Govt. of  Odisha 


Members of Various Committie:

  1. Utkal University Senates
  2. Utkal University Senates Syndicate
  3. Odisha Bigyan Academy
  4. OdishaChemical Society
  5. Odisha State Pollution Control Board
  6. Odisha State Selection Board, HE departmrnt 
  7. S & T, Govt. of Odisha
  8. President of Odisha Chemical Society 


No. of PhD Thesis Guided: 11

No. of MPhil  Thesis Guided: 30


Dr. L. Rout, Project Work; Jun 2003 to July 2004; Conference Paper  Co-authored:    Complementary PIXIE and EDXRF dtudies of Anti-Diabetic Medicinal  plant leaves,  P R Nayak, D R Roy, L. Rout, V  Vijayan and Prof Satyaban  Jena; Role of Analytical  science in  allied discipline, Indian Soceity of Analytical Science, Bangalore Chapter, ISAS, 2003, October


Prof Satyaban Jena Teaching at Berhampur University

Prof Satyaban Jena  with Prof. Goverdhan Mehta at Univ. of Hydrabad


Prof Satyban Jena with Dr. Rout, Dr Sahu and Dr Parida   


Prof Satyaban Jena as Guest of Honor in IC-CBSDD-2019 at Berhampur University


Prof Satyaban Jena at GopalPur Sea-beach with his Students

Prof Satyaban Jena in Refresher course at Berhampur University

Prof Satyaban Jena in Refresher course at Berhampur University

Prof Satyaban Jena in Rambha Chilika Berhampur with my Daughter


Biographical Sketch: 

Prof. (Dr.) Satyaban Jena was born on 19th August 1954. Prof. Jena has set highly outstanding & extraordinary brilliant academic record par excellence throughout his entire study period. He passed High School Certificate Examination from Board of Secondary Education, Odisha in First Class in the year 1971; Pre-University Examination in First Class from Utkal University in the year 1972; 1st Year Degree Science Examination from Utkal University in First Class First (University Topper) in the year 1973; B.Sc (Hons.) in Chemistry from Utkal University in First Class First (University Topper)in the year 1975 and M.Sc (Chemistry) from Utkal University in First Class First(University Topper & Gold Medalist) in the year 1977. He obtained his Ph.D. Degree in Chemistry from Utkal University in the year 1984. He was a Post Doctoral Fellow in the year 1989 at University of Leeds, U.K. and Maxwell’s Institute, U.K. Prof. Jena has specialized in Organic Chemistry as major subject and Physical Organic Chemistry (Kinetics, Oxidation, Polymerization, etc.), Synthetic Organic Chemistry (Heterocyclic, Organometallic, OMCOS, etc), Computer-Aided Organic Synthesis (CADOS), Theoretical Organic Chemistry (Semi-empirical Study, Structure-Activity Relationship, Design of Synthesis etc.) as micro subjects. Prof. Jena was a Lecturer in Chemistry (OES), G.M. College, Sambalpur (10.9.1979-19.8.1981); Lecturer in Chemistry(OES), Ravenshaw College, Cuttack (20.8.1981-2.4.1985); Lecturer in Chemistry , Utkal University (3.4.1985-31.12.1985); Senior Lecturer in Chemistry, Utkal University (1.1.1986-22.9.1991); Reader in Chemistry, Utkal University (23.9.1991- 30.12.1999) and Professor of Chemistry, Utkal University (31.12.1999- 31.8.2014). Prof. Jena was Head of the Department of Chemistry, Utkal University for two terms (1.6.2002 -31.5.2004 & 3.11.2009 -31.5.2011). Prof. Jena was also Professor–in-Charge of Research & Development, Utkal University from 5.1.2009-30.4.2014 for two terms. Prof. Jena has undertaken 5 Nos. of Research Projects from UGC; DST, Govt. of India, and Royal Society of Chemistry, London. Thirty students got their M.Phil Degrees, and 11 students got their Ph.D. Degrees working under his supervision. Prof. Jena has organized several National and International Conferences, Seminars, Symposiums, Workshops, Refresher Courses, etc. during his long & eventful academic career. Prof. Jena was a Member of a host Academic & Professional Bodies both in the country & abroad, including Member in several University Committees, Senates, Syndicate, Odisha Bigyan Academy, Odisha Chemical Society, Orissa State Pollution Control Board, many Govt. Agencies, etc. Prof. Jena visited China as a Mission Member of the Indian Delegation on Higher Education in the year 2010. He was also an Academic Visitor in the year 2012 to Universities in USA like Maryland, Cornell, Rutgers, Princeton, NJIT & MIT, etc. Prof. Jena was an Adjudicator of several Ph.D. & D.Sc. thesis of many Indian Universities. Prof. Jena has published four Books/ Monographs (i) Physical Chemistry (ii) Science in Every Day Life Series such as (a) A, B, C, of Chemistry (b) Glossary in Chemistry & (c) Glossary in Chemical Engineering. Prof. Jena has published large numbers of Research Papers in various National & International Journals/ Seminars/Symposiums/Conferences etc. He has also delivered several Invited Talks, Chaired several Technical Sessions, and attended several Seminars/ Conferences, etc spanning over 30 years of active professional life. Prof. Jena has been decorated with many National & International Prestigious Awards & Recognitions for his Outstanding Contribution to Chemical Sciences and Academic Excellence. After superannuation from the services of Utkal University, Prof. Jena was working as Director (Academics) of KIIT University from 2015-2020 after his superannuation from Utkal in 2014 and relived off from KIIT in January 2020, Bhubaneswar. Prof. Jena is considered as a Leading Chemical Scientist of the Country, and his contribution to Chemistry is unparallel and praiseworthy. Prof. Jena was President of Odisha Chemical Society for the year 2016. During his term as the President, the Annual Conference of OCS was held on December 24-25, 2016 at KIIT University, Bhubaneswar.