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rotary table, Feb 24, 2023

A rotary table is a mechanical device used in machining and metalworking applications to hold and rotate workpieces. It typically consists of a circular plate that is mounted horizontally on a vertical axis, which can be rotated manually or by a motor. The rotary table can be attached to a milling machine, lathe, or other machining equipment to facilitate the cutting of circular or arc-shaped features on a workpiece.

Rotary tables come in a variety of sizes and configurations, ranging from small hand-cranked models to large motor-driven versions that can handle heavy workpieces. Some rotary tables also have features such as tilting, indexing, or dividing plates, which allow for precise positioning and machining of complex shapes.

In summary, a rotary table is a versatile tool used in metalworking and machining to hold and rotate workpieces to facilitate the cutting of circular or arc-shaped features with precision and accuracy.

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Rotary Table Drilling

Rotary table drilling, Feb 25, 2023

Rotary table drilling is a machining process that involves the use of a rotary table to position and drill holes in a workpiece. The rotary table is typically attached to a drilling machine or a milling machine, and it allows for precise and accurate positioning of the workpiece.

To perform rotary table drilling, the workpiece is first clamped onto the rotary table. The rotary table is then rotated to the desired position, and the drilling machine is used to drill a hole in the workpiece. The rotary table can be used to drill multiple holes at different angles or positions, allowing for more complex hole patterns to be created.

Rotary table drilling is commonly used in manufacturing and metalworking industries for applications such as creating bolt patterns, machining circular features, and drilling holes at precise angles. The use of a rotary table allows for more efficient and accurate drilling, reducing the need for manual positioning and increasing productivity.

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