Shri Gagangiri Nath Baba
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My Master and Guru,Param Pujya Paramhans Shri SWAMI RAM BABA,a disciple of Lord Shri SAIBABA of Shirdi,ignited my inner self,with light of joy.But we still have to undergo our experiences of a normal life . Swamiji was and is a perfect master,Timeless.Swamji had met Lord SAI in person in 1914.There are many great sages and saints and yes some are living legends in body,since thousands of years.Like Shri Mahaavtar Babaji,
Roshan did experience Lord SAINATH graceful Bliss.
This is not publicity site,but to share bliss and experience.

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Achievement is not what we earn monetarily, but what we learn everyday.(Pl remember learning means positive and learning means understanding our folies and errors and rectifying. An improvement for better means Living. Learning is a never ending process. Oh yes we have to work hard to Learn and yes we must do it because it is in    our own interest. And it shall lead us towards our desire or probably may fulfill our desire of achieving something. We all want to achieve something and know not what. We must make a blueprint of our Life and ambition.
AMBITION: What is ambition? It is again a Learning process. It is not monetary or a degree or posts and powers. Set the Learning process, achieve the learning process and let this be THE AMBITION.
Rest all follows
Mindset ambition towards the Learning process and one has Achieved. Achieved what? The Art of living. (If we have learned well and understood better then   our necessities will always be achieved)
      May HIS Grace Bless us all.
          In HIS Love.

True Masters make us do proper things,properly,they help us achieve.
They repect mankind and human race and they do all for thier welfare.Humanity is thier religion.Saints dont divde,they help set our minds right.
There is no such thing called miracles.It is all science.
Nevetheless,we have to undergo thru our experiences.
GOD is ONE and ONE only.
HE has fixed laws.The great Masters come on earth to guide us for our betterment,and sometimes in turn  help us,thru GOD's forgiveness,so that we move ahead.They are the guiding force for our souls to evovle.
Now we are undergoing thru a filteration period.Lots of desturction will take place on this planet till 2007 to 2010
The new order shall prevail.
And oh yes THE GREAT DIVINE SOUL has already arrived and shall soon come face to face.
Intially only few will recognise THE GREAT.
Roshan respects all religious Faiths and Great Souls and all God's Creation.
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Shri Mahaavtar Babaji
         Kriya Yog
Dr Shri Ram Bhosle
Disciple of Mahaavtar Babaji.
89 yrs of age,was specialist in massage,accupressure,
accupuncture.Could  activate
dead cells. Treated many Yogis,saints,great world leaders.
Art of massage was his God's gift,
and widely travelled.And had seen many GREAT SOULS living since Lord KRISHNA's era.
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Pujya Shri SWAMI RAM BABA,was from a royal family,graduated ICS from cambridge.Was a family
man too and in the process went on to become a Sadhu,which is 19yrs course.And oh yes thereafter evoveled to become a perfect human being,a perfect
SAINT.A perfect Master ..Attained Bliss thru the blessings of LORD SAINATH..He was 130 yrs when He left His body.
RAJ YOGI.Served mankind in all ways.Oh yes His presence is still there,that is why Roshan says He is still there and guiding.Today He is a Timleess Master in the Universe .By Universe I mean the entire UNIVERSE,which is also beyond the black hole and the so called seven Heavens .This is my opinion and in a way some instinctive experiences .
One most important saying from Him:
"What you send in the life of others,comes back to you"
"Watch your words,Watch your action"
"First deserve then desire"
  "Work and work.With dedication,determination and devotion"
  "All for Man,but Man for HIM (GOD)
    "There is no distinction between material and spiritualism" Everything is spiritualism or all in HIS grace,everthing has to be done honestly,sincerly,without,lust,identification no hate,no jealousy,no selfishness and so on.Certain emotions and et all are accepted to some point.And then thereafter if one has realised all this.then a new task of
  GOD is always there for all the  Human biengs and of course for HIS entire CREATION.
I personally feel Religions and scriptures are like different universities.
Sufi Baba, Indore
Vaidraj Shri Sushil Kumar Jain,an Ayurved and accupressure Master and can activate dead cells.Jaipur
Shri Mahant Baba Parshandasji
  A silent Saint.From Pujnab,
but in service of mankind.
Dhuni Sahib
Pujya Shri Srichand Baba
Pujya Shri Swami Purandasji Maharaj
Pujya Shri Mahant Baba Sohandasji
Pujya Shr Mahant Baba Parshandasji
Adventurous and Mysterious
Life is.Take it as it comes to you
with a positive attitude.Live and
let Live.We are a feeble beings,,
who gain strenght through personel effort,achieving learning day to day through the grace of GOD.Experience is ourTeacher.
Shri Hanumanji or Shri Bajrangbali
    Still living in Body
Pujya Shri Morari Bapu
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