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Ross Hansen: 02-97123771 (h) (Sydney), email hansens at spiralcity dot com dot au

I learnt the violin when I was 10 - 14 and quickly graduated to guitar soon after. While at University of Queensland doing a science degree, it was a pleasant distraction to play guitar in "Eubelong" bush band. We enjoyed quite steady weekend work with the band, playing mainly traditional tunes, and it made me realise how enjoyable bush music could be.

After gravitating to Sydney for work, I became mixed up with the mob who were later the "Roorythmics". In fact, I think I made up the name, if I remember correctly!! Anyway, I took up playing the Lagerphone, and calling the dances, which is both enjoyable and demanding. I still really enjoy guitar, though, and play it regularly in a church group.

Created: Fri 27 Nov 1997 15:44
Last Updated: 1 Mar 2007 16:04

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