4th U. S. Infantry Company B

Second Seminole (Florida) War


History of the unit's service in the Second Seminole War

Uniforms of 1839 4th Infantry 
Regiment unit insignia, courtesy of Steve Abolt Dress Uniform (Infantry has silver piping)

So you want to join the 4th U. S. Regiment of Infantry, company B
Seminole War Living History Group (1835-1842)

If you are looking at this you obviously have an interest in this exciting, informative, and great hobby. There are two types of events that are available to reenactors of the Second Seminole War, battle or skirmish reenactments and living history displays. Almost all events are within the State of Florida as far South as Indian Key, there is an annual event at Westville, a town of 1830's-1860's buildings that holds a Second Creek War (1836) event. There are also the possibilities of Mexican War events (since it is the same uniform, but different headgear) in Texas and Oklahoma if members decide they wish to make a trip.


Meetings of the unit shall be held, as members deem necessary. All activities that are group will attend are on a strictly volunteer basis, no one will get paid. Some sponsors of events usually supply food and sometimes, black powder for participants. So there are some perks. Most likely we will have an annual meeting at Dade's Battle re-enactment in Bushnell, Fl., always scheduled for the weekend nearest New Year's. Members will be contacted via email (or slow mail for those without a computer) if needed or to confirm whether they will attend an event or not. This is helpful when registering for events, since this will be done as a unit (hopefully).


Currently there is a schedule available online on this website. This should give you an idea of the types and places of events available. Here is a sample of annual events:

* Dade's Battle (New Years weekend)
Battle of Kissimmee Slough (February)
Battle of Okeechobee (February)
* Westville (Memorial Day Weekend)
Fort Foster (State Park dates vary)
Fort Cooper (State Park dates vary)
Fort Christmas (State Park dates vary)
With many more in the planning!
* Maximum effort events

Gear and Equipment Guide

There is some gear that you'll have to purchase in order to do this hobby. As we tell members that are new to the Civil War group I am associated with, "you may not like what they wore but to be proper we must wear the same stuff they did." There is a few sutlers (citizen storekeepers who used to follow around the army) that supply the goods that are needed for an impression of this period. Since this stuff is a little expensive, prospective members will be loaned gear when possible so that they may participate in order to see if this is what they want to do.

There is no major rush for you to get all this stuff right away, but a slow and steady progress should be made to get the minimal amount of gear to do an impression, these would be; shoes, uniform, accouterments, and weapon(s). At Dade's you can carry an axe and cut down tress to make a breastwork during the engagement so a musket is not as important as you may think. The musket will be the most expensive thing you will purchase for this hobby so shop around to avoid paying too much.

If the bug bites you, new members are encouraged to buy gear piece by piece, unless you can afford to buy it all at once, in the following manner (depending on the availability of loaner equipment members may be asked to purchase items out of this order):

1) Brogans (or shoes) 2 types available

Jefferson Brogans
Straight Last Brogans (more correct)

Missouri Boot Company or
Fugawee Corp. or
C & D Jarnagin Company

2) Baldric(Shoulder belt for bayonet) 2 types available

1808 pattern (2 1/2" wide, white buff leather)
1828 pattern (3 1/2' to 2 1/2' wide, white buff leather)
C & D Jarnagin Company

3) Cartridge Box and Sling 2 types available

1808 pattern
1828 pattern (embossed eagle on flap)

1808 pattern sling (2 1/2" wide, white buff leather)
1828 pattern sling (3 1/2' to 2 1/2' wide, white buff leather)
C & D Jarnagin Company

4) Haversack
Mexican War style, white cotton, military drill
Crescent City Sutler

5) Issue pattern shirt
Issue pattern shirt
Crescent City Sutler

6) Winter Uniform Winter Uniform
Roundabout (jacket), kersey blue, white piping, and pewter buttons with "I" in shield
Steve Abolt
Uniforms of Antiquity

Trousers, kersey blue, fall front(CW style temporary substitute)
Steve Abolt
Uniforms of Antiquity

Great Coat, kersey blue (CW style temporary substitute)
Steve Abolt

7) Summer Uniform Summer Uniform
Roundabout (jacket), white cotton military drill, no piping and pewter buttons with "I" in shield
Steve Abolt
Uniforms of Antiquity

Trousers, white cotton military drill, fall front (CW style temporary substitute)
Steve Abolt
Jas. Townsend & Son, Inc.
Uniforms of Antiquity

8) Dress Uniform (completely optional) Dress Uniform (Infantry has silver piping)
Steve Abolt
Uniforms of Antiquity

8) Headgear
Hogkiller 1833 Forage cap 1833 Forage cap "Hogkiller" PREFERRED STYLE
Kent Low or
Dirty Billy Hats
Uniforms of Antiquity

1839 Forage cap 1839 Forage cap
Dirty Billy Hats
Uniforms of Antiquity

9) Musket

1816 Springfield Flintlock Musket
Charlotteville Muskets any model (1763 and later)

Non locking bayonet for the musket purchased

10) Knapsack

Single Bag tarred canvas with black straps "Mex War" style
Trans-Mississippi Depot Co.

11) Other Equipment

Whisk and Pick
Jas. Townsend & Son, Inc.

Metal Banded Wood Canteen
Jas. Townsend & Son, Inc.

Flashguard for Musket
Jas. Townsend & Son, Inc.

Combination Musket Tool
Jas. Townsend & Son, Inc.

Mess Gear
Various sutlers

Hunting Frock (great for militia and scout impressions)
Jas. Townsend & Son, Inc.

Hunting Shirt (great for militia and scout impressions)
Jas. Townsend & Son, Inc.

Rank and Distribution of...

Once this unit is off the ground and there is a more stable roster, elections will be held annually to establish ranks within the unit. The number of active members in the unit and the needs of the event that we attend will determine the rank(s). If you are elected to a rank you must learn the responsibilities and duties of that rank and be able to perform them when it is needed. You will also be expected to update you impression to suit your ew duties such as; rank markers, etc. Some events the rank you are assigned in the unit might not be the one you assume at or during the event due to the circumstances. To start we will be all high privates until a Sergeant is warranted due to the number of members. If we get big enough we will elect officers as needed to ensure smooth operation of the unit at events.

Member Restrictions

Most events are held at State Parks and certain rules and regulations must be followed to ensure we are invited back year after year. You must be at least 16 years of age to handle a firearm, with parent or guardian permission (at least till you are 18.) Females will be warmly welcomed to join the unit but are limited in the impressions they can perform: Laundress, camp follower, etc. It was practically unheard of, for that time, for women to dress like men and join the army. During this period you only would join the army if you were in dire circumstances, in debt, or looking for adventure. Members may only be dismissed from the unit after all members have been consulted and are unanimously in agreement to do so.


At this time there are no dues, although the unit may wish to collect dues in lieu of operating costs interred while maintaining unit cohesion (newsletter costs, etc.) this will only happen if all members are in agreement to do so.

Reenacting Unit's Recruiter

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