Airfix Soldiers

Why put Airfix on a Roco site? Silly question!!!
When we first started collecting and wargaming with Roco models,
there was a shortage of troops to fight with.
This shortage was filled, for a while, by Airfix [the Roco distributer in England].
The first Airfix soldiers did not have as fine details as the later ones but they did have an assortment of poses and nationalities that were needed and were about the right size.
Most collectors refer to these early smaller soldiers as "Type 1".
Below are pictured those soldiers & accesories along with some of the boxart.

S-3 Infantry Combat Group {British}
S-5 German Infantry
S-9 8th Army
S-10 Foriegn Legion
S-11 Afrika Corps
S-16 US Marines
S-17 Russian Infantry
S-18 Japanese Infantry
S-19 Arabs
s-23 US Paratroopers
I always thought that the US Paratroopers were a bit too far off scale...but I needed them on several occasion to drop behind enemy lines, so I learned to live with them.