Seta Soujirou/Tenken no Juupon Gatana

supposed to look like : actually looked like :

Soujirou: this is me, what can i say? other than that i have glasses, the color is inverted, i got a wakazashi instead of a katana, my guard was the wrong color and falling down all the time, my shirt has a big BIG ken on the back, and my pants are not really anywhere as close to being as wide as a hakama... (why do u think i chose battle mode in the first place?) oh and that i am pretty much lunatic after smiling for a whole day... but anyway... people actually recognized me, unlike poor shishio-san (point and say, oh oh oh, look at the mummy!!!)

Aoshi: Okay this isn't the best picture of that Seta kid...but it's kinda difficult to post a single if there is no true single of a person (I cropped the other half of the photo). In any event, I'll be testing out my scanner in sebsequent days and I might be able to do something to a much better picture (that unfortunaely has someone else in it who can't be cropped so cleanly) amd eventually pose that one instead.

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