Shinomori Aoshi/Former Oniwabanshuu Okashira

supposed to look like : actually looked like :

Soujirou: I just think shinomori-san is too happy, if you actually see some other pix, he is smiling all the time. well, not much here, a trench coat, simple enough... sew a yellow collar, yeah, i kno, very ghetto... but wait till you see misao...

Aoshi: Ghetto? Well yeah, considering I can only sew and not do much else... Hey, you can compare the similarities (what similarities are you talking about?) here, just like the Enishi page. I like the anime pic here better--it's not my stupid profile that makes me look more like the marshmellow I am. So sue me; I didn't realize her obi was that pink... you said anything that matched with light blue--periwinkle. (so I sewed the damn thing wrong and Misao ended up with the print-side) Yeah, pink goes but you were talking to someone who wears some sort of blue every single day (where's the blue in that pic, you ask? My pants--which you can't see and some patches on my Timberlands).

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