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Art Gallery

Welcome to the Kenshin-Gumi's Art Gallery, featuring Rurouni Kenshin related artwork (for the most part at least) done by members of the Kenshin-Gumi. Click on thumbnail to enlarge.

Kaoru by Yukishiro Tomoe

Kenshin by Yukishiro Tomoe

Miaka and the Bunnies by Yukishiro Tomoe
Okay, this is totally unrelated to Kenshin...but if you knew who "Miaka" is referring to it's very much related to Kenshin...

Hitokiri Battousai by Shinomori Aoshi

Yukishiro Tomoe by Shinomori Aoshi

Shishio's Victory Dance by Yukishiro Tomoe
This is a detail from the doujinshi Why Shishio's Doing a Victory Dance.

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