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Konnichiwa! Welcome to my humble Rurouni Kenshin Devotion page.
A site created by and for the truly addicted!
Please feel free to look around. I hope you enjoy your stay!
Anyway, thanks for visiting and signing my guestbook (please)

10/06/02 Finally, another update! Tomoe's and Enishi's profiles are now up
That's all? Er... yeah -_-;
So to make up to you, I've put up a new page featuring a very kawaii Kaoru-dono!
She blinks, she smiles, she moves! ^-^ You can visit her right here

By the way, I've placed an 'invisible' link on this page. See if you can find it!

Image map?

The picture above is actually some kind of an image map. Click on Kenshin for About RK.
Click on Kaoru for The Couples. Yahiko for Characters. Sano for Images.
And the red lamp on the top right corner for Links...
Okay, I don't know what I'm doing. Anyway, in case you feel this thing is too senseless,
I've created a decent menu bar below.


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