Updated 12/29/05

Rising Dawn Weyr is the newest Weyr founded. When Weyrleader Glen and Weyrwoman Terressa of Storm Fires Weyr saw how many threadfalls the lone Weyr of the Southern Continent was going to have to fly, they soon realized that their riders would be tiring very quickly of the almost never-ending battles. Thanks to the help of the grubs that ate thread and protected the Southern Continent, they were able to fly threadfalls only over the inhabited ares of the Southern Continent, but even that was far too taxing. They decided that they needed to start up a second Weyr on the Southern Continent.

Although the Northern Weyrs were in agreement on the need for the new Weyr, they were initially reluctant to help out, needing every dragonrider that they had and most importantly, every Queen. Although Telgar had the most Queens of mating age, they were still reluctant to part with any. Weyrwoman Anlyn and her Queen Vaneth were due to clutch sometime soon as well.

Dissatisfied with her current conditions, Anlyn decided to help in the search for a good location for the new Weyr, and as she was out searching with Weyrwoman Raynea of Storm Fires, Vaneth informed her that she was about to have her clutch. A suitable place had just been found and an oncoming storm was approaching, so they landed and Vaneth had her clutch, making her the new Senior Weyrwoman of the new Weyr, later named Rising Dawn Weyr. Weyrwoman Raynea was allowed to stay as well as the new Weyrwoman Second.

Since the Weyr had no Weyrleader to begin with, G'len volunteered to act as the Weyrleader of this new Weyr until Vaneth's next mating flight, and to no one's surprise, his Granth caught the Senior Queen in that flight to keep him in the position of Weyrleader. The Weyr is now getting its feet beneath it and is able to meet the falls in their area without assistance, although they are stretched a little thin. Thus, they are continuing to accept transfers into their ranks and are eagerly awaiting the time when the clutches that have been hatched thus far will graduate to join their ranks.

NOTE: This Weyr has not and will not discover Aivas.

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