Last Updated: 10/23/08

            • RISING DAWN WEYR IS NO LONGER OPERATIONAL. In the dead of night, a fleet of pirate ships ambushed the coastal Weyr, set rampant fires loose on the mainland, and killed and captured dozens of dragonriders. As keen after mournful keen went up from the surviving dragons, wingleaders struggled to pull together an organized defense. Thankfully, Weyrleader M'tello of Storm Fires brought his wings to the aid of his sister Weyr. But the death toll climbed into the dozens, claiming the lives of many dearly beloved, including Senior Weyrwoman Anlyn. After the attack was turned away, it became clear that the extent of the damage caused by the fires would force Rising Dawn to close down. All of the dragonriders and Weyrfolk of Rising Dawn were relocated to Storm Fires Weyr, where they remain to this day. Rising Dawn Weyr will not be reopening at any time in the near future, and it is unknown when it will even be possible to begin rebuilding what was once a home and safe refuge to many.

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